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Baby Car Seat Tips & Ideas


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A car seat is a critical component of your child's safety, which makes buying the right car seat an important decision. This guide to buying a car seat outlines things you should keep in mind when considering car seat regulations, Ontario car seat laws and laws in other provinces.

There are many kinds of baby car seat options to choose from including booster car seats, convertible car seats, and infant car seats.

How to buy the right car seat

A car seat is a piece of equipment that parents should buy before their baby is born. The hospital requires you to have one before leaving, and all infants and toddlers are required by law to be buckled-up. Your local police or fire station may also be able to help you properly install your car seat. Different types of car seats are appropriate for different baby weights and ages, and some even convert to accommodate several weight spans. Regardless, be aware of your car seat expiry date: consult your manufacturer specifications as well as your vehicle owner's manual before purchasing, installing and using a car seat.

Car seat accessories can provide an extra layer of safety so you can travel worry-free with your bundle of joy.

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