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Baby Car Seat Tips & Ideas

Choose the best car seat for all stages of baby's growth

A car seat is one of the most important purchases you will make before baby is born. With so many options to choose from, you will want to make an informed decision about which car seat will be the safest and most comfortable for your little one.

Learn more about the different car seat stages and options below, from rear-facing, to forward-facing, to booster car seats, and convertible options, too.

Stage 1: Rear-facing infant car seats

The first car seat you will need to take baby home from the hospital in is a rear-facing, infant car seat. This car seat is designed for newborns and infants who weigh under 40lbs. Some of these car seats come as convertible or all-in-one car seats , giving you the option of transitioning into a forward-facing car seat and later to a booster car seat as your child grows. However, always read the manufacturer’s label to ensure the car seat is made for your little one’s weight and height.

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Stage 2: Forward-facing car seats

Forward-facing car seats are designed for babies over the age of 12 months who have exceeded the height and weight requirements of their rear-facing infant car seat. These car seats have a harness to keep your little one secure. Many come as an all-in-one car seat, so you can adjust your child’s harness and headrest as they grow.

Some forward-facing car seats can support children up to 65lbs; however, continue to use a forward-facing car seat until your child reaches the maximum weight or height limits specified by the manufacturer.

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Stage 3: Booster car seats

Once your child’s height and weight exceed a car seat, it’s time for them to use a booster car seat. Booster car seats are used to elevate or boost your child, so that they can safely wear a seatbelt.

Choose between high-back and backless models (or convertible options), depending on the level of support your child requires based on the weight and height. Continue to use a booster seat until your child outgrows the seat’s weight and height restrictions, and they can safely wear an adult seatbelt.

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Convertible & all-in-one car seats

A convertible car seat can be a great investment, as they adjust from rear-facing to forward-facing car seat to booster car seat as your child grows. Ideally, a convertible car seat should last you from the day you bring your little one home and into their toddler years. Always continue to check to make sure your child meets the seat’s weight and height requirements.  

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Travel Systems

Another option to consider is a travel system (a car seat and stroller combo), which can be removed from the car seat base and converted into a baby carriage or conveniently snapped onto a matching stroller for travelling parents and caregivers.

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Baby car seat accessories

Once you have selected the best car seat for you and your family, explore car seat accessories that make road trips with your little one stress-free.

Baby backseat organizers & travel accessories: keep colouring books, sippy cups and tablets on hand and organized to keep your baby or toddler occupied while on the road.

Baby car mirrors & window shades: if your little one is still in a rear-facing car seat, install a back-seat baby mirror, so you can keep an eye on them. Car window shades are another must-have to help diffuse direct sunlight for your little one’s safety and comfort. 

Car seat covers: a car seat cover stretches over the car seat to keep your baby warm and snug during colder months.

Baby seat car toys: keep your little one entertained on car rides with fun baby car seat toys.

Car seat protectors and kick mats: shield your car interiors from spills and other messes.

Baby car seat safety & installation

Since car seats help ensure your child’s safety, they are a legal requirement in Canada. Before purchasing a car seat, learn about and follow the age, height and weight restrictions for your province or territory.

When it comes to installation, always follow the manufacture’s guidelines, and consider visiting a car seat clinic in your community to ensure you installed the car seat correctly.

Be mindful of your car seat or booster seat’s expiry date and always discontinue use and dispose of expired seats.

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