Car Seat Accessories


Simple Baby Travel Solutions for On-the-Go Families

Use car seat accessories to protect your vehicle's interior and help keep your baby warm, comfortable and within view. Check out's large selection of car seat accessories so you and your child can travel peacefully and safely.

Protect Infants from Drafts and Cold Weather

Safety is always the primary concern when transporting infants and children. Transport Canada advises against kids wearing bulky parkas and coats while strapped into car seats. While it's easy to keep older children warm with blankets and a handy jacket to slip on before exiting the car, it's more difficult with infants.

Accessories such as baby car seat canopy covers and attachable windshields let you protect your little one while ensuring a tight, secure harness fit. Universal car seat covers are designed to fit most infant car seats, and fleece-lined ones by Jolly Jumper are water-repellent with attachable blankets for extra warmth. Peepholes let you check that your newborn is sleeping peacefully, and on chilly days you can use the wind flap as an extra cover for baby when leaving the car.

Give Your Little One Cozy Comfort

Comfort is paramount to keeping your little one content. Car seat accessories such as harness wraps and seat rest pillows can prevent rubbing and chafing from the stiff webbing on belts. Ergonomic headrests may help guard against flat head syndrome while keeping your child centred between the straps. Older children appreciate the soft travel neck rolls that let them sleep comfortably in the car and on airplanes.

Children in car seats are often unable to avoid the sun's glare especially if you are travelling in the same direction for an extended period. Mesh shades by Diono and Brica can help retain the driver's visibility while protecting tender skin and eyes from direct sunlight.

Supervise Youngsters With Angled Mirrors

Once you have installed your baby car seat in the recommended rear-facing position and securely fitted the harness straps on your child, you may be worried that your child is lost to view. Walmart Canada offers mirrors from Dreambaby, Brica and Jolly Jumper so you can quickly check on your little one's well-being without losing focus on the road in front of you. These shatter-resistant mirrors attach to the back seat headrest and reflect your baby's image to your rear-view mirror for instant peace of mind.

Keep Your Vehicle Tidy with Organizers and Mats

Depending upon the age of other children and your geographical location, your child may spend a lot of time in their car seat as you run errands and commute siblings to sporting events and other extracurricular activities. Once your youngster is old enough to drink and eat unassisted, snacks may become a part of your daily commute. Car seat accessories address the concerns of keeping your vehicle in tip-top condition while catering to the needs of your little ones.

Seat protectors can safeguard your vehicle's interior from sticky juice residue and dropped crumbs while preventing pressure marks from heavy car seats. Seat savers by Prince Lionheart feature a no-spill lip, heavy-duty construction and you can adjust them for rear-facing infant seats and forward-facing boosters. Kick mats may prevent older kids from marking the backs of seats with mud or scuff marks and provide a handy resting place for little feet.

Whether you are taking short drives to hockey practice or a long cross-country trip, car organizers can save space and keep essentials accessible. Walmart Canada has organizers that hang from the front seat within easy reach of your child or that attach next to the car seat giving them a convenient place to stash handheld toys, sunglasses, drink cups and tissues.

Gifts That Are Sure to Delight

Surprise an expectant mother with a baby shower gift of car seat accessories. You can pair them with larger presents such as convertible car seats or bundle several together to make sure the new parents are well-equipped for travelling. also has an extensive collection of gifts for babies from the practical necessities to cherished keepsakes.




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