Convertible Car Seats & 3 in 1 Car Seats


Safeguard Your Most Precious Cargo with Convertible Car Seats

Convertible car seats can help protect your child during the first three stages of car seat use. The amount of safety your little one experiences during each phase depends upon properly fitted harnesses and correct car seat installation using the Universal Anchorage System or built-in seat belts. Always check with your province or territory to ensure you are following the required height and weight restrictions for transporting your youngster during each stage of their life.

Convertible Car Seats Grow with Your Child

While a convertible car seat may seem like a steep investment at the time, these adaptable seats can be used from birth until the time your child is ready for vehicle seat belts. With adjustable harnesses, retaining straps and leg extenders, these multipurpose car seats help protect your child during their early years whether they are riding in vehicles or airplanes.

Suitable for Rear Facing, Forward Facing and Booster Seat Use

As a new parent, you may soon discover that a car ride and a pacifier can help soothe even the most fretful infant. All newborns are required to ride in a rear facing seat until they reach a certain height and weight. Convertible seats can recline at optimum angles to help support newborn heads and necks. As your child matures, you can adjust the harness and the tilt of the base to suit their needs better. Graco has models with an extension panel so you can keep your fast-growing bundle of joy rear facing as long as possible.

Once your toddler has outgrown their infant car seat, they can begin facing forward. Built-in harnesses help make sure they remain secure during sudden stops, and adjustable headrests protect against neck injuries. has models by Safety 1st that offer advanced cushioning with side impact protection. To achieve the safest ride possible for your child, you should install the car seat in the center rear seat. Keep kids busy and happy with toys that attach to buckles and straps.

Older children still need support to use ordinary seat belts properly, and your convertible car seat is ready for the task. Simply hide or remove the harness system, adjust the headrest and the remaining cushion boosts your child up so they can safely use the built-in vehicle's restraint system. One seat for all three stages of your child's life as a young passenger helps make your role as a parent a little easier.

More Bells and Whistles

Walmart Canada's convertible car seats have a variety of added features to ease the lives of parents and kids. Removable infant inserts help keep tiny bodies centred and comfortable especially during those first few months. Padded harness covers can prevent sensitive skin from rubbing against straps and help keep heads stable when little ones are sleeping. Moms and dads enjoy the machine-washable padding that can be removed without unhooking the whole harness system.

Older kids appreciate accessories too, and integrated cup holders keep beverages within easy reach. Check out the different patterns and colours available and match your kid's personality or car interior. If you live in a region with warm summers, seats with an air-flow ventilation system can help prevent overheating during long journeys.

Ride in the Arms of a Friend

KidsEmbrace has a line of superhero combination seats and boosters along with backless boosters. These fun seats may encourage kids to buckle up and stay safe by letting them ride along with their favourite comic book character. Smiling faces and well-known heroic symbols turn every trip into an adventure. Add to the fun with kids blankets and throws and keep them comfortable during winter rides.




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