Infant car seats

Infant car seats: from hospital to home

A newborn or infant car seat is one of the most important purchases you will make before your little one’s arrival. These stage one car seats are installed in the rear-facing position in your vehicle, and they recline to support your baby in the safest and most natural position. Many also convert into a carrier, so you can move seamlessly from the car ride to an outing without unbuckling and disturbing your sleeping baby.

What to look for in an infant car seat

Safety is always the top consideration when shopping for any baby car seat. Look for models that fit your vehicle and match the installation mechanisms in your car, truck or SUV. Many car seats today can be installed with the safety latch system, but if your vehicle doesn't have this provision, make sure you choose a car seat that supports installation with a seat belt. Always install rear-facing car seats in the back seat of your vehicle. Learn more about stage one, rear-facing infant car seat installation.

Once you understand safety requirements, choose a baby car seat that's the right style for your child. Newborns and young infants can't sit up on their own, so ideally, you'll need a car seat or carrier that allows them to lay back. Baby car seats typically come with height and weight restrictions, so you know whether your child will fit well.

Next, you can consider the "extras" or “nice-to-haves" about a car seat, such as whether its colour matches your vehicle interior. Some parents like to ensure the car seat has built-in cup holders or trays. These can be very handy with older babies or toddlers, but infants don't tend to use them as much. Travel systems couple car seats with strollers. This way, you can grab your infant carrier, pop it onto a stroller frame, and move from gas-powered wheels to parent-powered ones in seconds!

Car seats that grow with your child

Many parents want a car seat that conveniently grows with their child. You can find convertible seats that recline to accommodate infants and convert into forward-facing and even booster car seats when your little one grows.

While convertible car seats may offer this convenience, they typically don't offer the flexibility of a light-weight infant carrier piece. That means you'll have to take your child out of the seat whenever you exit the car. You can also start with an infant car seat and move on to a convertible toddler seat once your child outgrows their infant seat.

Infant car seat accessories

When shopping for an infant car seat, consider adding a few accessories to your cart. For example, baby car mirrors allow you to check in on your little one while in their rear-facing seat. Car seat toys and attachments that keep your infant from losing his pacifier or let him play with toys can enhance the enjoyment of a ride for everyone. Baby car window shades keep the sun off baby's sensitive skin and out of her eyes for more comfortable rides.

From safety to on-board baby storage, has everything you need to make baby comfortable and happy on short or long car rides.





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