Baby changing pads & covers


A Changing Pad Makes Diaper Changes More Comfortable

Between birth and the end of toilet training, a baby’s diaper will be changed thousands of times. New parents might not realize that they may be changing diapers six to ten times a day. A changing pad and changing pad cover may be low on your list of changing essentials, but you’ll soon find they're an essential part of your kit, that can help make diaper changes quick, clean and convenient.

Why a changing pad?

A new parent’s first priority is the health and safety of their baby. Your changing pad can help further this goal. Many changing pads have contoured edges and belts that may keep your baby safely on the pad, an important consideration if you’re changing them on a raised platform like a changing table.

Changing pads may also protect your possessions. Any mess is captured on the pad, and most pads have a surface that can be wiped clean easily or a machine washable changing pad cover. Your changing pad can be far easier to clean than carpet, car upholstery or a changing table.

A Pad for All Occasions

There are four main types of changing pads: standard, portable, disposable and the diaper changing kit. Standard pads are generally bulkier. They’re designed to keep your baby comfortable while they’re laying down. They tend to be kept in the home where the baby is most often changed.

The other three types are designed to be easy to carry around. Disposable changing pads are great while you’re out in public as they can be thrown in the garbage once your baby is dry, keeping your diaper bag clean.

Travel changing pads are very light and fold up small to easily fit in your diaper bag. They are more minimalist and extremely portable. A diaper changing kit can be an all-in-one diaper changing solution for when you’re on the road. When folded up they’re compact, and often fashionable, enough to carry as a purse. Pockets on the side can store a few spare diapers, wipes and other changing essentials, and when the kit is fully unfolded, it acts as a changing pad. They are a great solution when you want to travel light.

Whether portable or standard, you can find pads with a variety of patterns and materials. There are even organic and hypoallergenic options for babies with sensitive skin.

What to Look For

Safety features are the most important things to look for in your changing pad. Good pads have both straps, to attach the pad to the surface it’s lying on, and a belt, that can keep your baby safely on the pad. Another safety feature to look out for is a slip-resistant base to stop the pad from moving around.

Also consider how easy it is to clean. Many pads are made from a waterproof material that can be wiped clean. Others have covers that are machine washable and can be replaced if they get too stained.

If you’re buying a table pad, make sure it fits your space. Take your changing table measurements with you while you’re shopping so that you're confident you have the right size. Lastly, remember that if your baby is comfortable, the changing process may go much smoother. Look for something well-padded and consider whether you want an ergonomic or contoured pad to keep your baby happy while they’re being changed.




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