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Diaper Genie Makes Diaper Disposal Easy

Your baby is going to go through between 2,500 and 3,000 diapers in their first year alone, leaving you with the issues of what to do about the smell. Parents using disposable diapers have the option of bagging them and taking them straight outside to the garbage can. Diaper Genie and other diaper pails can give you a way to safely store used diapers until you have a chance to empty it to the rubbish outside, saving you between six and 10 trips outside each day.

Why You Need a Diaper Pail

The Diaper Genie disposal system and other similar products are designed to trap the odours and bacteria, leaving the changing area smelling fresh without the need to remove the diaper from the room immediately. When you drop the dirty diaper in, the diaper pail liner clamps around it, stopping the smell from escaping. Early models required parents to twist the bag with a handle, but most systems now do this automatically. Some systems have additional odour-fighting technology, such as carbon filters, for additional layers of smell protection.

These diaper pails are also more hygienic. Dirty diapers no longer need to be carried through the house one at a time, meaning less chance of a spill near the back door. Think of the time you’ll save as well.

Features to Look For

When choosing which diaper pail to add to your baby registry, there are a few features to look for. Many parents like hands-free disposal. Diaper Genie has a system with a foot pedal, meaning your hands don’t need to touch the unit at all, and others open with a touch button. Strong diaper pail refills are another important requirement. You don’t want the bag to break just as you get to the back door. Many boast a seven-layer liner that helps trap odours in. Look at how easy it is to empty the pail and change bags. Even the largest pail needs to be changed regularly. You don’t want a system that’s so complicated you can’t change liners properly.

Finally, think about the size and how it looks in your baby’s room. Many systems are free-standing, giving you room for more dirty diapers. These are usually slim and come in a range of colours or with different designs that blend in with your nursery. You can also find smaller systems that can be hidden away underneath a shelf or in a cupboard.

Refills and Other Diaper Essentials

Some other changing essentials can help you with the regular task of changing diapers. If you’ve decided on a Diaper Genie, Walmart Canada has a range of Diaper Genie refills so you can use your pail uninterrupted, as well as refills for other brands. Make sure you pick up wipes and diapers, two more essential items for your changing area. If you haven’t designed your changing area yet, think about getting a changing table, complete with changing pad, and a diaper caddy to store all the diapers you’ll be going through. Lastly, a mobile can be very helpful at the changing station to grab your baby’s attention while you change them.




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