Disposable diapers


Disposable Diapers Keep Your Baby Clean and Dry

Disposable diapers are easy to transport, easy to use and come in many varieties to suit each baby`s unique needs. Parents want to do as much as they can to keep their children clean and comfortable. Taking the time to explore different types of diapers before your baby is born makes welcoming a newborn a little easier. Experienced parents can discover new features that help solve diaper issues and make diaper changes more enjoyable.

For All Babies, Big and Small

Discovering the right fit for baby diapers is the most important thing a parent can do to prevent leaks. Some bigger newborns might need to graduate to size one diapers right from birth or soon after coming home, while others happily fit in a newborn size for a month or two. Even smaller babies, some of whom are born prematurely, will be the most comfortable in sizes made especially for preemies. To evaluate whether the diaper fits your baby properly, check that it fits snugly but not tightly around the legs. The diaper tabs should close easily below the baby’s belly button without overlapping. The whole diaper should stay in place without slipping when your baby kicks their legs or moves from side to side.

Different Disposable Diapers for Different Kids

Baby diapers can suit every baby`s personality. A disposable diaper that accommodates a lot of movement without falling off or creating gaps may work well for adventurous children who love to explore their environments. Swim diapers are great for summer months spent by the pool because they can prevent moisture from escaping without absorbing water from the outside. Training pants made in larger sizes are easily pulled up and down to help kids practice using the toilet without worrying about leaks. While all disposable diapers are made of soft material to keep kids comfortable, some babies with delicate skin might need the extra level of protection offered by sensitive diapers. Most diapers are decorated with lovable characters, which let parents choose their child`s favourite as a fun bonus that can make diaper changes even more enjoyable.

Tricks and Tips to Keep Your Baby Clean

If you find your baby routinely experiences leaks in a diaper brand and style that has worked in the past, it might be time to move up to the next size. Always make sure the soft ruffles around your baby`s legs are popped to the outside of the diaper, not folded inside. Otherwise, they can reduce absorbency or create a gap that leaks. Once your baby starts sleeping longer and doesn`t wake up as often for diaper changes, look for special overnight diapers that can provide extra absorbency to keep them dry.

Accessories to Make Diapering Easier

Disposable diapers work best as part of a complete arsenal of personal care items for your baby. Having a well-stocked diaper changing station in the nursery can create a clean and efficient environment to make your baby comfortable. The right diaper pail in combination with lightly scented bags help to keep the baby`s room smelling fresh until garbage day. A plush changing pad with a soft cover creates an inviting space that encourages your baby to lie calmly. For extra help holding a distractible, squiggly baby still, try keeping a fun, bright toy at the changing table that your baby can look forward to playing with.

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