Wet Wipes & Warmers for Baby


Keep Baby All-Over Clean With Wet Wipes

From bottom to top, the right types of wet wipes keep your child free of questionable smells and sticky residues that seem to come with being a baby. Most parents are familiar with the baby wipes that are a must-have during diaper changes, but you can also find a variety of wet wipe options and accessories for washing emergencies that occur throughout the day. From scented hand wipes to warmers to keep things cozy, you'll find baby cleaning needs at Walmart Canada.

Choosing the Right Baby Wipes

Baby wipes, which are specific wet wipes meant to clean baby's bottom during diaper changes, come in a wide variety of options. You can opt for lightly scented wipes that mask the odours that go hand-in-hand with diaper duty, or choose packages without extra fragrances. Some wipes are formulated for sensitive skin, which means they're less likely to give your allergy-prone baby a rash or irritation.

If you haven't stumbled on a favourite brand of baby wipes yet, try several options to find the product that delivers a gentle clean to your child. For especially fussy babies, consider investing in a wipe warmer. These small machines heat wipes up to body temperature, so baby doesn't catch a chill (or a fright) from the sudden touch of a cold cloth. 

Once your child starts potty training, you may want to continue keeping wipes on hand. They can make it easier to clean up accidents and for toddlers to clean themselves after using their potty. 

Wet Wipes for Other Occasions

Of course, babies make more than one kind of mess, so savvy parents arm themselves with a variety of cleaning wipes. Keep eco-friendly flushable wipes on hand so you can clean baby up after meal time no matter where you are, then dispose of the messy evidence in a nearby toilet or trash can. Just ensure you're using biodegradable wipes before you flush them into a closed septic system.

You can use the same wipes you use for baby's bottom, especially if you opt for organic or hypoallergenic products. But you can also buy portable packages of hand or face wipes. Some even come in fun scents, such as apple or grape, that can make your toddler more excited about learning personal hygiene. For even more cleanup fun, choose wipes that come in packages with your child's favourite patterns or characters on them.

Baby and Toddler Cleaning Conveniences

Add some convenience items to your wipes collection to ensure the right mess-fighting tools are always at hand. Consider opting for a diaper bag with a built-in wipes dispenser on the outside, or purchase a small refillable wipe container that's easy to slip in your purse

While you're creating a small sanitation caddy, don't forget about yourself. Wipes can be an easy way to clear your hand of visible debris after a diaper change, but they don't tend to fight all the germs that might still reside on your skin. Tucker a bottle of hand sanitizer in your bag to keep the spread of bacteria down.




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