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Coping with Cleanups: Shopping for Baby Wipes

You may be surprised to know that not all baby wipes are created equal, and it can be overwhelming to know which types or brands to purchase. At Walmart Canada, you can find a wide selection of baby wipes from major brands to help keep your little one happy, healthy and clean. Shop now and have them delivered easily through our online grocery delivery.

What To Consider When Purchasing Baby Wipes

When shopping for baby wipes from Walmart Canada, consider whether you want them to have a scent or no scent at all. Most baby wipe scents are light and designed to slightly mask the odors that arise during diaper changes. Many are also labeled “for sensitive skin” and are created with minimal chemicals and soothing ingredients such as aloe that may be less likely to irritate your baby's skin. Brands such as Huggies and Pampers offer choices in fragrance-free and sensitive-skin formulas in refill packs and bulk boxes, so you'll have plenty on hand for cleaning up life's messes.

Consider also durability and thickness. A baby wipe has to be sturdy enough to get the job done without falling apart while in use.

Buying Baby Wipes in Bulk

Many of the choices for baby wipes are offered in bulk packages, which can contain more than 200 or even 700 wipes. This is a good choice for parents looking to stock up on their supply of baby wipes to ensure they have plenty on hand.

Before you buy a large amount of a certain type of baby wipes, though, be sure your baby's skin isn't irritated by a certain brand, type or scent. Once you've settled on a brand and learned whether perfume-free or sensitive skin formulas are right for baby, you can start stocking up. And don't forget to add on plenty of diapers to go with your baby wipes supply.

Baby Wipes with Natural Ingredients

WaterWipes is a popular choice among Canadian parents particularly because they contain all-natural ingredients. These baby wipes contain 99.9 percent water with a drop of fruit extract that's a natural skin conditioner, and they are designed to be extra-gentle on baby's sensitive skin.

Other natural baby wipes choices include those from Aleva Naturals. Made of unbleached and extra-soft fibers, natural baby wipes like these contain ingredients such as organic shea butter, olive oil, aloe vera and chamomile that can help soothe and cleanse your baby's skin.

Types of Containers for Baby Wipes

The most common type of baby wipes container is a plastic box with a flip-up lid, and  you can buy refill packages of baby wipes when the container runs out. They're usually quiet to open and are easy to clean and store.

Other types of pop-up baby wipes containers come in a flexible plastic bag with a rigid flip-top. The advantage to these types of baby wipes containers is you can throw out the package when you're finished with it and open a new one, but the downside is that the crinkling sound of the plastic may make night-time diaper changes less soothing. However, this type is definitely convenient for travel, as it's easy to stow them in your little one's diaper bag.

Other Types of Baby Wipes

Other types of baby wipes are available at Walmart Canada that are intended for older children. Encourage independence with toileting by using Kandoo flushable toddler wipes that have hypoallergenic formulas and are made for kids with sensitive skin.

Saline nose wipes, such as those made by Boogie Wipes, are excellent for managing runny noses and colds. More effective and gentler than tissues, some have a light grape scent that kids may find appealing.

Cloth wipes are also available at Walmart Canada. These are an alternative to disposable wipes, and they can be used again and again after laundering. They typically have soft velour surfaces that feel gentle on baby's skin.

Whether you're shopping for a friend or family member's baby shower or stocking up on essentials for your newborn, you can find a wide selection of baby wipes and other kid must-haves at Walmart Canada.

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