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Breastfeeding Supplies for Every Mother

Whether you're breastfeeding or bottle feeding, having the right supplies on hand helps to make the transition into motherhood easier. There's much to be said for the additional comfort and support the right nursing pillow can provide to you and your baby during a feeding, and any mother who takes on the task of breast pumping will attest to the fact that few things are as important as finding the right breast pump. Breastfeeding can be challenging for many mothers, which is why finding supplies that offer additional comfort is crucial to so many of them. Whether you're just beginning your breastfeeding journey as a new mother or you're near the end and ready to stop, Walmart has the right supplies to make motherhood just a little bit easier. Shop now for nursing pillows, covers, breast pumps and milk storage and have them delivered easily through our online grocery delivery.

Breastfeeding Comfort

Breastfeeding isn't always a perfect journey. In fact, for some mothers, it can be downright uncomfortable. Thankfully, there are many products specifically designed to combat the discomfort associated with nursing. Infants who struggle with latching due to lip and tongue ties are the most common cause of pain and discomfort associated with nursing. Nipple shields can help to improve latch, which not only makes nursing more comfortable but also may increase milk supply and make feeds more efficient for baby. Products such as thermal pads and lanolin can provide relief for sore nipples and nursing pillows can help to ease aches and pains in mothers' shoulders, backs and arms while feeding baby and provide support for a variety of breastfeeding positions.

Breast Pumps and Breast Milk Storage

Regardless of your breast pumping schedule, using a comfortable breast pump that suits the size and shape of the breast is key to keeping milk supply at optimal levels. While mothers who are pumping occasionally between breastfeeding sessions may only require a manual breast pump , those who are pumping on a regular schedule to increase supply may require the increased efficiency of an electric pump. Mothers who are unable to nurse and still wish for their baby to reap the benefits of breast milk may choose to pump exclusively, and therefore, may want the convenience of a double pump to reduce overall pumping time. A variety of breast milk storage bags and containers are available in-store and online at to ensure you'll be able to safely freeze and store your baby's milk.

Breast Pump Accessories

Breast pump brands such as Medela and Philips Avent make a variety of add-ons and replacement parts for their pumps. While some are simply meant to replace the parts of a breast pump that wear out more frequently, such as tubing, Medela makes its breast shields available in a variety of sizes so that mothers can pump more comfortably and efficiently.

Bottle Feeding and Formula Feeding

Whether you've chosen breast milk or formula for your infant, you likely want to find a bottle that meets the needs of both you and your baby. Many infants are picky when it comes to taking a bottle. Those who also nurse may prefer a bottle that features a nipple with a similar shape and feel to their mother's breast. For mothers, it may be important to find a bottle that's comfortable to hold, easy to clean and reduces colic in their baby. Finding the right bottle to suit your needs can be a matter of trial and error, and that's why so many mothers appreciate Walmart's affordable prices.




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