Breast milk storage: bags & containers

Must-have breast milk storage supplies

Finding the right breast milk storage is an important part of your breastfeeding journey. Storing breast milk in the fridge or freezer is a convenient way to ensure you always have a bottle prepared when your little one gets hungry, especially when you are on the go, or when baby is with another caretaker.

Walmart Canada has breast milk storage bags, containers and more, so you can start storing breast milk.

How to store and reheat breast milk

It is important to know how to properly store and reheat breast milk after pumping, so you have a happy and healthy baby.

Freshly pumped milk can be left at room temperature for up to four hours. If you need your milk to last longer, refrigerate it after pouring it into a baby bottle or a storage bag, such as the Medela breastmilk storage bags, for up to four days.

Breast milk can be frozen for up to 6 months. Consider using a baby bottle warmer to thaw the milk and warm it evenly before feeding your little one. You can also thaw frozen breast milk slowly by transferring the bottle or bag to the fridge, and then to a bowl of warm water. If you plan to freeze breast milk, look for breast milk freezer bags.

Tip: Keep your baby bottles as clean as possible with a baby bottle sterilizing appliance.

Other breastfeeding accessories to consider

In addition to breast milk storage supplies, Walmart Canada carries a wide variety of other breastfeeding essentials, to help you nurse your little one with greater comfort and ease, including:

Find everything you need to make nursing and feeding your little as comfortable and convenient as possible at the Walmart Canada Baby Store.




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