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How to choose the best breast pump

Choosing to pump breast milk is a personal choice that mothers make for a variety of reasons. If you have decided to use a breast pump, you will want to choose a pump that works efficiently and is comfortable to use.

You can find a variety of electric breast pumps, manual breast pumps and other breast feeding products at Walmart Canada, online or in stores.

Choose the best breast pump for your needs

Depending on your circumstances and preferences, it is typically recommended that you wait until after baby is born before you purchase your breast pump. You will better understand the feeding habits of your baby, including whether they are able to latch on.

If you are breastfeeding exclusively and want to bottle-feed only occasionally, consider manual pumps and single electric breast pumps. Brands such as Medela carry a line of trusted breast pumps and breast pump accessories for easy pumping.

If you are looking to pump and bottle feed more regularly, consider double electric breast pumps and hands-free breast pumps, which are more convenient options.

If you find that your breasts get sore or irritated from breastfeeding and pumping, explore breast care products, such as nipple cream or breast heating and cooling pads for relief and to help promote healing.

Breastfeeding accessories make pumping easier

Everyone experiences breastfeeding differently, which is why there are so many breastfeeding products to aid mothers on this journey with their baby.

Once you have chosen the best breast pump for you, explore accessories for added comfort and convenience, such as nursing bras for everyday use. You can also find breast pump replacement parts and accessories for popular breast pump models on

Finally, stock up on breastmilk storage supplies, including bags, containers and bottles.

Shop on to get great breast pumps and breast pump accessories delivered straight to your door, or for pickup at your nearest location.




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