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Formula to Feed Your Growing Baby

Formula is a great option for babies who aren't able to nurse, and it can also be used to transition babies to eating solid foods. Baby formula's nutrient-rich ingredients can satisfy your baby's growing appetite.

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Types of Baby Formula

Formula comes in three different types: powder, concentrate or ready to feed. Powder and concentrate formulas are both mixed with water at different ratios, depending on the type. In most cases, for powder formula, about 60mL of water gets placed in the bottle along with one level scoop of powder formula, and then it's mixed well. Concentrate formula is usually mixed at a 1-1 ratio with water. The most convenient type you can find at Walmart Canada is ready to feed formula, which is exactly what it sounds like — it's ready to feed to your baby right out of the bottle.

Which Type of Formula is Best for Your Baby?

Because every child is different, and every baby grows at different rates, there's no one type of formula that's best for your child. Follow your pediatrician's recommendations — typically, they may suggest starting with a cow's milk-based formula such as one made by Similac or Enfamil. Sometimes, if your baby has problems with acid reflux or colic, a different type of formula may be recommended. Typically these formula types have rice added to them to help decrease spit-up incidents.

For babies with sensitive stomachs, some lactose-free formulas are available, and these usually have a higher whey to casein ratio in order to closely mimic breast milk. Some formulas, such as a few choices from Gerber, contain partially broken down whey protein, which may be easier to digest and cut down on gas production.

Organic options are available as well, from brands such as Earth's Best and Good Start.

Toddler Formula

For older children who may be picky eaters or who may not be growing and gaining weight at the rate they should be, nutritional supplement drinks can help. Always check with your pediatrician before using these types of toddler formulas. Some are sold in powder form and are meant to be mixed with water, while others, such as those from PediaSure, have flavors added like vanilla or chocolate to make them more appealing for kids. As with baby formula, some organic toddler formulas are available as well.

Baby Formula Accessories

While you're shopping for formula at Walmart Canada, don't forget to pick up bottles and nipples for mixing formula and feeding your baby.

Bottles from brands such as Tommee Tippee have a unique easy latch-on nipple shape that mimics the natural flex, stretch and movement of breastfeeding. You can also buy nipples by themselves, liners and complete bottle sets. Don't forget to grab some cleaning tools too — Walmart Canada sells drying racks and bottle brushes to help make cleanup easier.

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