High chairs & booster seats for tables


High Chairs Make Meal Times Safe and Comfortable

From pureed baby food to tiny samplings of adult foods, your child's meals will most likely take place within the confines of a supportive high chair or a booster seat for chairs. These easy-to-clean seats can be convenient for messy, new eaters, and they make a great base of operations for toddler crafts and reading periods.

Find a Chair that Fits Your Lifestyle

When you begin your search for infant and toddler dining furniture, it's important to consider your typical day, and to ask yourself some questions. Are you the primary caregiver, often preparing three meals a day in the kitchen? Does your child eat most of their meals at day care, and therefore, you only need a chair for evening meals and weekends? Do you want something that can accommodate your child's growth from now until they sit at the dining table with you? Are you an on-the-go kind of mom, ready and willing to take junior to friends and relatives for coffee, snacks and weekend trips? And maybe, you want the ability to solve all the above scenarios with one chair. Walmart.ca has high chair and booster seats to match any lifestyle.

One Chair for All Stages

A convertible high chair can support your child from those first spoonfuls of cereal and pureed baby food to adult meals with the rest of the family. It usually has two or more reclining options, an adjustable tray, wheels for portability and can be placed up to the table once the tray is discarded. If you always find yourself carrying a youngster on a hip, look for models that can be adjusted and moved with one hand.  As your child grows, you can remove the seat from the bottom and attach it to a dining chair for meal times. Some designs, such as Costway's 3 in 1 Convertible Play Table, have a base that becomes a makeshift portable desk. 

On-the-Go Convenience

Booster seats for chairs are an option that appeals to many moms for the portability factor. Grandparents and secondary caregivers can instantly turn any chair into a dining spot for toddlers with these versatile pieces that are easy to clean as well. Walmart Canada has models that attach directly to tables, rest securely on the floor or attach to chairs. A booster seat for chairs can quickly become your toddler's most practical piece of furniture. Colouring and play dough time is much more fun when everything is within reach. Trayless varieties come in a multitude of colours and styles with plastic seats, padded seats and even comfy, squishy versions.

Basic Chairs, Harnesses and Everything in Between

Check out Walmart.ca's extensive selection of chairs from brands such as Safety 1st and ONE2STAY. These lightweight, portable seats won't break the bank, but they do provide plenty of features to keep you and your child happy throughout meal times. Look for compact models that fold down for easy storage and ones that have dishwasher-safe trays. Once your little one is older and can support themselves safely, look into harnesses and seat back covers that can help prevent falls while providing freedom of movement. Walmart.ca has everything you need to make meal time fun and easy from first-use spoons and suction plates to no-spill sippy cups.

Safety First

Regardless of which seat you choose, remember to check that it meets all safety standards. Take a minute to ensure that all the straps connect correctly and that your youngster is securely buckled in before beginning meal prep. If your chair has wheels, make sure they are locked, and never leave your child unattended in a high chair or booster seat.

The right chair can help determine if your youngster's meal is pleasant and relaxing or tense and distressing. Let your child experience all the joys of food exploration with a minimum of fuss thanks to practicable dining options from Walmart Canada.




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