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Use Pacifiers to Quell Newborn Cries

Babies are born with the natural instinct of wanting to suck. Some parents have even seen ultrasound images of their little ones sucking their fingers in the womb. It's a natural behaviour that allows them to feed and grow, and pacifiers can help some fussy babies settle down and relax because it encourages this soothing sucking behaviour.

If your baby seems to want to suck in between feedings, giving them a pacifier can help soothe this natural urge.

Pacifier Materials and Shapes

Pacifiers are made of soft, sterile materials that resemble a bottle's feeding nipple. Choices from brands such as Philips Avent are made from hospital-grade silicone, and they're often the type you'll receive from the hospital where you give birth, as these baby soothers are sized and shaped for an infant's developing mouth.

Their bright pastel colours are appealing for newborn's developing eyes, and it can make them easy for parents to find among other baby essentials, such as diapers and toys.

Other pacifiers, such as those made by MAM, are shaped more like bowties and have a shield that allows for maximum breathability for baby's sensitive skin.

Most pacifiers come in a multi-pack of two or three, so you can keep one in your diaper bag, one in your living space and one in the nursery crib for convenience. Most pacifiers at Walmart Canada are also BPA-free, but be sure to double check packaging or product information online to be certain.

Many appealing patterns and designs are available when you're shopping for pacifiers, so you can choose colours that match baby's outfits. Many also feature cute shapes, such as bears, Disney characters or elephants.

Age Groups for Pacifiers

In general, you'll find that pacifiers are sold in age ranges of 0-6 months and 6-12 months. Be sure to choose the right sized pacifier for your baby — younger infants will benefit from a smaller nipple, while older babies may prefer something bigger as their mouths grow.

Accessories for Pacifiers

Pacifier clips may be useful for preventing the loss of baby's pacifier. One end, usually a metal clasp, attaches to your baby's clothing, and the other end, sometimes a loop fastener, affixes to the pacifier and keeps it within reach. Choose models such as those from Bumkins that are made of durable bib fabric, so they're easy to clean.

Some pacifiers come with adorable plush toys, such as those from Mary Meyer and Wubbanub. These pacifiers come with a soft animal attached, such as a bear, hedgehog or elephant, and the added weight can help prevent the pacifier from dropping on the floor and makes it easier to find during longer car rides.

As baby grows and begins to sprout new teeth, choose from our wide selection of baby teething necklace and rubber teethers in adorable animal shapes to help soothe sore gums.

Keeping Pacifiers Clean

One challenge some parents face is keeping pacifiers clean — after all, they're often dropped on the floor or get temporarily lost and collect dust and dirt. To ensure pacifiers stay clean, choose pacifier cleaning wipes that contain baby-safe materials and help disinfect the pacifier surface. While you're out and about, keep some in your diaper bag for the inevitable moment when your little one drops their soother onto the floor.

Some pacifier brands may recommend sterilizing their products in boiling water and allowing them to cool before giving it to your crying baby. This can help remove any bacteria or chemicals used in the manufacturing process.

Many pacifiers are also dishwasher safe, which is a welcome convenience for new parents. This can also be an effective method for disinfection.

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