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Create An Enchanted Space with Nursery Decor

Few things require more advanced preparation than a new baby, and while choosing your nursery decor is a fun and rewarding experience, it can also be a little overwhelming. Whether you're looking at nursery ideas for your firstborn or are setting up a new room for a younger sibling, has the products to help you create a nursery that lets your child sleep in comfort and peace.

Design a Nursery That Reflects Your Style

Setting up a baby nursery is among the many joys of parenthood. It is also the first of many decisions you'll make as a new parent and one of the most fun. You want your child's nursery to be a soothing, comfortable place in which they can sleep and nurse, but keep in mind that it's also the place that you'll be spending a significant amount of time, especially at the beginning. As you begin your nursery plan, choose themes and colours that you enjoy and that make you feel happy. Someday your child will have decorating ideas of their own, and your choices for boys and girls rooms may be limited to robots, soccer balls and horses. So, enjoy this chance to design a space that reflects your hopes and dreams for your child, while creating a serene spot to rock your baby to sleep.

Decide On a Theme

When starting from a blank slate, it helps to choose a nursery theme that can coordinate with baby bedding, or you can design the room around an object that is special to you and your family. If you have a cherished keepsake doll that you want to display on a shelf, you can decorate your baby girl's room in vintage patterns and doll-themed accessories. The framed picture of Grandpa sitting on an old John Deere can kick off a whole tractor-themed room for your son with colours and toys to match.

A quick search on the Internet can turn up hundreds of nursery ideas from which to choose. Remember that all rooms should be composed of things you love. Feel free to combine kids' furniture, past collectibles and mobiles and plush toys for a look that is uniquely you and your baby.

Gender neutral rooms are great nursery decor solutions for first-time babies, and you can use the space for succeeding children without worry. Parents wanting a modern nursery may use black, white and gray shades that can be easily adapted to older children with the addition of colourful accessories.

Enhance Your Walls has baby wall décor that can turn any room into a miniature safari trek or an outdoor park. Removable prints, stickers and murals can give a custom look to painted walls, and you can even add favourite nursery rhymes and sayings. While looking at baby room ideas, consider photo frames such as those by Stepping Stones that include spaces for baby mementos like handprints and birth certificates.

Choose Items That Are Practical and Decorative

Regardless of your colour preferences and decorating styles, you want to create a nursery design that is practical and well as beautiful. Make sure everything is within easy reach of cribs and changing tables and there's a clear area in which to walk. Storage baskets and totes can help reduce your chances of stumbling across loose objects during nightly feedings. 3 Sprouts has a delightful line of animal totes and organizers in a range of sizes and shapes.

Control Illumination with Nursery Decor

Use night lights and day darkening shades to adjust lighting as needed. It's much easier to enter your child's room at night with soothing music covering your footsteps, and the projected lights let you sneak a peek at your little one without waking them up. Afternoon naps are less of a struggle when bright sunlight is contained behind blinds and shades

With a little ingenuity and help from Walmart Canada, you can create a welcoming nursery space that is parent and kid-friendly.

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