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Baby Shower Gift Ideas to Delight Parents to Be

When your loved ones or friends are expecting a new arrival, you may be invited to celebrate the event with them at a shower. Some new parents make choosing baby shower gift ideas simple by registering for the things they need or would like for their upcoming addition. But if the registry is all bought out or doesn't exist, or if you simply want to be more creative with your gift, you can shop for a range of items that make lovely baby gifts.

Traditional Baby Shower Gift Ideas

For many people, the perfect baby shower gift is something traditional. These range from keepsake items to useful baby gifts that any family is likely to need. Keepsakes you might consider gifting at a shower include picture frames or shadow boxes meant to hold baby's first portraits, outfits or locks of hair. Baby books, which let the new parent record all the memories of early years, can be a timeless gift, especially if mom or dad are sentimental in nature.

Other great ideas for baby gifts include special blankets, timeless teddy bears and lovely outfits. If baby will be born around a major holiday, you might want to splurge for a special dress or suit, and winter babies can always use tiny hats, booties or mittens.

Furniture for the nursery, such as a rocking chair or crib, can be meaningful traditional gifts if you're looking to go big. Larger items such as baby swings and car seats also work as a group gift if several friends want to buy an something together.

Functional Baby Shower Gift Ideas

If you're worried that the family is going to receive keepsakes or clothing from other well-wishers, consider opting for functional items. Diapers are perfect for baby showers anytime, because all infants will need these essentials. Just make sure the parents plan on using disposables, and if not, opt for reusable diapers.

Other functional gift items include burp cloths, diaper bags and gift sets with grooming or baby bath supplies. Bottles and the relevant accessories may be much appreciated, but make sure you know which models the parent-to-be favours. New parents may not realize how many times they'll be changing baby's bedding, so new sheets in adorable patterns can be a welcome gift.

You can add fun and visual appeal to functional gifts by adding a baby toy or two to the gift wrap. Or, group items for a fun gift basket; for example, you might place bath supplies in a baby tub or arrange diapers in a fun display inside a toddler potty.

Unique Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Turn diapers into a cake or wrap a gift card inside a pop-up toy box for a unique surprise at a shower. And don't forget about the new parents, who may not be doing much to take care of themselves as they worry about the new arrival. Consider a small self-care gift such as bath supplies or a movie they can enjoy together when baby finally does go to sleep.

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