Baby Night Lights & Baby Sound Machines


Find Baby Night Lights to Help Little Ones Sleep Soundly

From silly and playful to bare-bones functional, baby night lights are an essential addition to many nurseries and toddler sleep spaces. Soft illumination can let parents peek in on slumbering infants during the night easily, and a comforting glow helps young dreamers fall back asleep if they wake up. Couple the right baby night light with nursery ambience and soother tools such as sound machines and mobiles, and you may be able to rest comfortably in your own bed while baby coos or snores in her own crib.

Baby Products That Promote Sleep

Sleep is important for everyone in the house, but if a baby or toddler isn't getting it, chances are neither are mom or dad. Finding products that encourage falling asleep at night can revitalize the household, and carries a full line of safe, effective options for making bedtime and subsequent hours more pleasant for everyone.

Parents might want to consider sound machines, which can provide soothing noises to lull baby to sleep. Whether you have an infant or toddler, white noise machines or products that produce nature sounds may help him fall asleep. Ambient noise gives little brains something pleasant to attach to as they drift into dreamland, making the transition between waking and sleeping easier. White noise sound also helps mask the creaks of a house at night, parent's voices in other rooms or the sound of late-night TV, which may keep baby from waking with a sudden noise.

Other products to consider for the night-time nursery include projector soothers, which display simple images or colorful lights and patterns on the wall or ceiling. Look for options that couple imagery with music for comprehensive auditory and visual engagement that's calming at bedtime.

Considerations for Baby Night Light and Nursery Products

When purchasing baby night light and other products for your child's room, keep safety, function and decor in mind. Baby night lights come in all types of shapes, sizes and colours, so you can find a charming option that looks at home in your nursery. 

If you don't want to run up the utility bill or spend a fortune on batteries, choose products that come with auto-off timers. Many children's bedtime toys and soothers come with options so you can set them to turn off in 10, 15 or 30 minutes so you don't have to slip back into the room as your child sleeps to inactivate them. For toys, lights and soothers that don't come with auto shutoff, look for options such as simple touch controls so you can operate the item easily in a dim room. And make sure music or noise machines have volume controls so you can create a light, comforting sound that's right for your child.

Invest in Soothers So Everyone Sleeps

Soothers, including baby night lights, projectors and noise machines can help your child feel more secure as he or she learns to sleep in their own room. These products may be a great option until baby is old enough for a personal soother, such as a stuffed animal or a toddler flashlight. 




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