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Baby Hangers and Other Nursery Storage Essentials

With baby needing an outfit change several times daily and loved ones sending adorable onesies or dresses your way, keeping tabs on your infant wardrobe can become overwhelming. Getting organized with baby hangers and other solutions enhances the visual appeal of the nursery and makes your daily routine easier. While you're organizing the closet, you may want to look for baby toy storage solutions to keep all of your child's other accessories and playthings in order. Shop for organizational essentials and everything else you need to make life easier when you've got a little one to care for.

Top Products for Baby's Closet

Baby hangers are probably the first thing you should consider adding to a nursery closet. They can keep delicate dresses, handsome suits and other garments free of creases and wrinkles, and when your little darling has dozens of outfits to choose from, it's easy to look through them when they're vertical in a closet than stacked in a drawer. Baby hangers are smaller than their adult brethren, so they may not damage or stretch tiny necklines or arm holes. You can choose from a variety of styles, including plastic, wood or velvet covered. Hangers with plush or velvet covering can help keep infant clothes from slipping off and falling into darkness on the closet floor.

Increase organization further in your child's closet by using hangers of different designs or colours to identify seasonal items or types of clothing. Then, maximize closet space with clever products such as over-door organization caddies , where you can keep baby's socks, shoes and fashion accessories.

Storage Solutions for the Nursery and Play Areas

Baby toy storage can be a challenge, and as your little one grows, you may want to find organizational options that encourage picking up their own toys. Fabric storage bins from brands such as 3 Sprouts may be a great choice for the nursery because you can nest them when not in use, incorporate them into shelving systems or leave them lined against a wall for easy toddler access to favourite items. Plus, the soft bins and baskets often collapse when weight is put on them and pop back into place afterwards, which can make them a durable solution.

Plastic drawers , shelving you can secure to the wall and toy boxes are all other options to consider when setting up the nursery or playroom. Consider the safety and functionality of each solution; easy-to-open doors and drawers can let small children access their toys, and open-top bins and baskets may make clean-up a few minute task before bedtime each day.

Other Essentials for Baby's Bedroom

Don't forget to choose other items to make your little one's bedroom comfortable and enjoyable. Night lights or lamps cast soft glows in the late hours can ensure baby feels secure, and toys or mobiles that play music can fill the nursery with soothing sounds when mom or dad can't be present. And while you don't want to keep them in the nursery, baby-safe cleaning supplies are a good idea to keep everything sanitary.

Whether you're starting from scratch with your first child or want to add some additional organization to an existing playroom, has everything you need to keep children's rooms in order.




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