Nursery Art & Wall Decals


Nursery Art Adds the Perfect Touch to Your Baby's Room

If you’ve started decorating your nursery, you’ve already realized how much you have to consider. You have to think about wall colour, all the furniture your baby is likely to need and storage for all the little things that a baby needs to survive, like diapers and baby wipes. Nursery art is also an important part of your baby’s space. Studies show that art can help babies thrive. It can also bring a room together, transforming your baby’s room from a place to sleep to a place to flourish. Remember, this room is where your baby spends a lot of their time in their first years, so it’s important to make it a beautiful place where they feel comfortable and loved.

Art to Help Brain Stimulation

Studies have shown that nursery art can help your baby develop. Over 80 percent of the information the brain processes is visual, so visual stimuli can develop neural connections that help your baby learn not only when they’re infants, but also as they grow older. Babies are sponges of information. Everything they encounter is new, and having plenty to look at may help their attention spans. Babies see bright colours more easily than pastels, so bright, bold artwork can give their mental development a boost as they start their life.

Murals Through Decals

Nursery wall decals can be some of the easiest ways to add art to your nursery walls. These peel-and-stick pieces of art can be used to add a large, interesting mural to a wall without any need for permanent changes or artistic talent. They can also be changed easily as your child grows.

Walmart Canada has a wide range of wall decals to fit the theme of your child’s nursery. You can find animals and plants to bring nature to the inside or text from a favourite nursery rhyme to add a touch of whimsy. Change it up as they grow older with wall art of an alphabet that can help them learn to read or princesses, superheroes, dancers or cars to suit their interests.

Coordinate with Furniture

You can find the furniture that suits your nursery's chosen art work while you’re visiting The right crib becomes a safe place for your baby to dream and comfortable bedding ensures they’re warm and happy. Changing tables can provide storage for diapers and powder as well as a handy spot to change your baby. You can also choosestorage options that offer an additional piece of art to your nursery, with bright colours and fun animals often depicted.

The Finishing Touches

When choosing the finishing touches for your baby’s room, keep visual stimulation in mind. Everything that catches your child’s attention can bring them joy and the opportunity to learn. Mobiles are a popular choice to add to the room, giving babies something to focus on when they wake up during a nap or as they’re being changed. Plush toys come in many shapes and sizes, and one special one often remains your child’s favourite even after they’re fully grown. You may also want to add an art piece to the wall. Walmart Canada’s wide range of framed wall art offers many choices that add a subtle piece of beauty to your baby’s wall. This nursery art can help your baby start to develop an appreciation of art from a young age.




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