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The baby crib is the most important purchase you will make for the nursery. When you put your little one to sleep, you want to ensure that they are safe and comfortable. And, after spending months decorating your baby nursery to prepare for your little one’s arrival, you will also want to find a crib that compliments your nursery’s aesthetic and the rest of the baby furniture.

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Baby crib types & styles

Naturally, the main feature of the baby room will be the crib, and there are several types and styles to choose from. Here is a quick overview of the main types of baby cribs:

Standard & convertible cribs

Standard cribs and convertible cribs are the most traditional and versatile options. A standard-sized crib is about 28 inches x 52 inches (or 71 cm x 132 cm). Sometimes called 3-in-1 cribs or 4-in-1 cribs, convertible cribs convert from baby crib, to toddler bed, to day bed, and then to a twin bed. Convertible cribs are a great long-term investment, because they adapt as your little one grows. Make sure you check out crib conversion kits to ensure you have all the right pieces to transition your crib.

Some standard and convertible crib options come with added storage or changers, helping you save space and making the changing process even easier!

Discover convertible cribs by trusted baby brands, including Child Craft and Fisher-Price.

Portable cribs

These cribs on wheels are a convenient option for parents, especially in the beginning of baby’s life. They enable you to easily move baby into your room overnight, or into another part of the house.

Mini cribs

There are also mini cribs and portable or foldable mini cribs. These cribs are ideal for parents looking for a smaller crib to meet space limitations or for a crib that they can easily travel with.

When can baby sleep in their crib?

Once your baby reaches the 3 month milestone, then you may choose to transition them into their baby crib from a bassinet or co-sleeper crib.

What do you need for your baby crib?

Once you have selected a baby crib that meets your needs and style preferences, it’s time to shop for some crib accessories:

Crib mattress: make sure you pick the right mattress size for your crib, whether standard or mini. You may also consider mattresses that are organic, hypoallergenic or waterproof.

Crib bedding: explore crib sheets and fitted crib sheets featuring adorable prints and soothing colours.

Baby mobiles: help your little one drift to sleep with a soothing baby mobile.

Crib skirts: add style to your crib with an elegant crib skirt.

Crib bumper pads & rail covers: keep your little one from hitting their head on the hard crib slates and rails.

Crib mattress pads & protectors: keep the crib mattress clean for longer by shielding it from leaks and dust.

When it comes to setting up and using your baby crib, always read and follow the guidelines outlined by the manufacturer. Explore more baby furniture for the nursery on





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