Bassinets & Co-Sleepers

Choose the best bassinet or co-sleeper for your baby

Baby bassinets and co-sleepers are a great way to keep your newborn close and safe for the first few months of their life. Find portable and affordable styles from trusted brands online at Walmart Canada, and always have your baby at arm’s reach so you can both rest peacefully.

What to consider when choosing a bassinet

Shopping for your baby nursery can be overwhelming. After all, you want to make sure everything is just right. This includes choosing a bassinet.

When choosing a bassinet, first consider the options available.

  • Rocking bassinets can help soothe your little one with their gentle swaying motion.
  • Portable bassinets or travel bassinets are typically lightweight and can also be foldable or include wheels or carrying cases
  • Co-sleeper or bedside bassinets attach to your bed or are designed to be kept close to it, so you can easily comfort or breastfeed your little one during the night.
  • Moses baskets are another lightweight, portable option. They are made from woven material and feature a handle for carrying.

Once you have narrowed down your options, do your research to make sure they meet current Canadian safety regulations just as you would for a crib, car seat or stroller.

Next, note the maximum weight that the bassinet carries, so you know when it is time to move baby into their crib.

Finally, once you have chosen the best bassinet for your little one, find the right mattress and sheets for your specific product.

How to prepare a baby bassinet

When it comes to preparing the bassinet, it is best to keep it simple and light to ensure your little one is safe and comfortable.

Choose a firm mattress that fits the bassinet snugly. Similarly, choose a fitted sheet that hugs the mattress tightly. Avoid loose blankets, comforters, toys or pillows in the bassinet for your little one’s safety. Instead, consider a wearable blanket or sleep sack.

Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions for setting up and using your baby bassinet, and do additional research on baby sleep safety.

Shop on to find the right baby bassinet for you and your newborn. Have it delivered to your door in no time, or pick it up at your nearest store.





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