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A Stroller Lets You Show Your Baby the World

Everything in the world is new for babies, and a stroller can allow them to explore it all while safely settled in a comfortable seat under your watchful eye. Strollers can also be incredibly convenient for you, letting you easily transport your little one while you catch up with friends, buy groceries, or even get out and exercise. Choosing the right stroller means you can show your baby the world, and Walmart Canada’s wide range gives you plenty of choice.

The Standard Stroller for Everyday Use

Standard strollers are generally the largest on the market. They have four wheels and wide, comfortable seats for your baby, but this can make them difficult to manoeuvre, especially through narrow doorways. These strollers also have plenty of room for storage, so you can carry a large diaper bag as well as some groceries.

Look for a stroller that fits your lifestyle. You can find many different colours and sizes, but most parents want one that’s easy to fold and store in the car or home, as well as something that’s easy to clean. You might prefer a stroller that fully reclines or converts from pram to stroller, so your baby can use it from birth until they’re ready to walk.

If you’re regularly out and about in the summer, an umbrella stroller with built-in shade can be a good way to protect your child’s delicate skin. Families with twins or children close in age may appreciate a double stroller that lets you move all your children comfortably at once. Triple and quad seat strollers are available for larger families.

Jogging Strollers for Active Mums

A jogging stroller can be perfect for the mum who wants to exercise with baby. These three-wheeled strollers come with a multitude of features that can protect your child as you’re running, including shock absorbers, five-point harnesses, fixed front wheels, hand brakes and a wrist harness.

Even parents who don’t run sometimes prefer a jogging stroller. These tend to be narrower than standard strollers, which can make them easy to manoeuvre through crowds in large cities. They’re also lightweight and easy to store, though they don’t always have the same storage capabilities of a standard stroller.

If you expect to run with your baby, make sure you pick a stroller with an adjustable handle so that it’s the perfect height for your running stance, then get ready to share your love of healthy living with your child.

Travel Systems

Your car seat and stroller are two of the most important items in your baby transport arsenal. Travel systems may combine the two into an easy-to-use transport solution that consists of a stroller frame plus a car seat that clicks securely into the frame. With a travel system, you may never have to wake your baby to transport them from car seat to stroller or back again. You can find these car seat and stroller combos as standard or jogging strollers, so you can choose the option that’s right for your lifestyle. Best of all, when you buy one item instead of two, you may end up saving money as well as storage space.

The Right Accessories

You may think your decisions end with the stroller, but stroller accessories are also important. You can find weather protection that keeps out rain, snow and sun, as well as blankets to keep your baby warm and happy. Extra storage can come through caddies that attach to the handle, or you may just want a cup holder for that early morning coffee pick-me-up.Stroller toys keep your little one entertained, leading to an enjoyable stroll for both of you.




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