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Get in Shape with a Jogging Stroller

Many mothers want to start an exercise program after they’ve given birth. Some want to get their body back, and others are looking for more energy so they can keep up with their kids as they grow older. A jogging stroller from Walmart Canada can be a great addition to your family exercise plan, giving your child a safe seat to observe the world from as you rack up the miles.

Jogging Stroller vs. Regular Stroller

If you’re going to be jogging with your baby, a baby jogger stroller is the best choice. These strollers have features that increase the safety of your child and can be easier to use as a jogger. The five-point harness systems can keep your child nestled securely in the chair with no chance of slipping out. These strollers also have shock absorbers, that could give your baby a smooth ride no matter what bumps you find along the trail. A wrist harness keeps the stroller attached to you, just in case you loosen your grip as you jog, and a fixed front wheel should ensure the stroller doesn’t suddenly veer off in another direction if you hit a pebble in the path.

A standard stroller is generally heavier, with smaller wheels that make it harder to push, especially when jogging. These strollers also lack the shock absorption of jogging strollers, meaning your baby’s neck or head can be jostled if you run with one.  Even parents who don’t run often prefer using a 3-wheel stroller. The lightweight body and foldable design is perfect to fit in the car for trips to the coffee shop or supermarket. Although manufacturers recommend that you don’t take your baby out jogging until they’re six months old and have developed their neck muscles, many jogging strollers can accommodate an infant car seat, so you can still use them when your baby is young. A complete travel system comes with car seat and stroller, ensuring everything fits together properly.

Find the Right Fit for Your Family

With any stroller it’s important to find the right fit for your family. You should think about who will use the stroller and how they'll normally use it. If you plan to use it for both walking and running, consider a lockable wheel. These wheels swivel when unlocked for manoeuvrability around shopping centres but can be locked straight for safety when running.

If your jogs on the trail bring changes in elevation, a good handbrake is essential. This allows you to adjust the speed of the stroller when running downhill, so you don’t have to act as the brake to keep control of the stroller. This means your form and pace stay steady even in the hilly sections.

The final consideration is the size of the stroller. The handle needs to be at the right height for a comfortable running form, so if both you and your partner intend to jog with the stroller, an adjustable handle may be a good idea. The width of the stroller could be a consideration if you often jog on narrow or busy trails. A wide stroller may have more room for storage, but a thin one fits through doors more cleanly and is easier to store.

Stroller Accessories

Although your baby is likely to be fascinated by the scenery as it goes flashing past, they may like some toys as well, especially when you’re using the stroller for walking. Just keep in mind that something that rattles makes even more noise whilst you’re jogging! Weather protection means that your baby is protected from sun, wind and rain, so you can keep exercising no matter what it’s like outside. Most jogging strollers have cup holders for your baby, and a sippy cup allows them to stray hydrated, just like you.  

Get Ready to Exercise

Don’t forget yourself when you’re getting ready to exercise post-baby. Moms may need new exercise gear to accommodate the baby weight and a new pair of running shoes can get you motivated to hit the pavement.  




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