Back to Campus and Dorm Room Essentials

Whether it’s your first day on campus or your last year before graduation, Walmart is here to help you beat the back to college rush. We might not be able to help you navigate your campus, and we might not have the answers when you have questions about your homework for Quantum Mechanics 101, but we can help to ensure that you’re stocked up on back to college supplies.

From the dorm room to the classroom, we’re here to help take the sweat out of the little things throughout the school year. If you’re looking for dorm room essentials, stocking up on classroom basics like binders & clipboards, calculators, highlighters, or pens & pencils, or looking for cutting-edge tech like tablets, e-readers and laptops, we can help you find what you need to survive the year on campus. With low prices every day on the basics, you won’t have to eat ramen noodles for every meal (you can add some fruits and veggies to the mix!). And with one-stop shopping, you can save time running errands so you can spend more time studying (or at least that’s what you’ll tell yourself).




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