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Put Your Best Face Forward With the Right Skin Care Products 

Whether you're spending time with friends, taking care of business at the office or going out for a special occasion, looking good can make you feel great. True beauty may come from within, but having great skin helps too. From creams to cleansers and sunscreen to scrubs, Walmart Canada has the skin care products you need to help your skin stay healthy. 

A Layer of Protection 

Skin is your body's first line of defence against the world, and it takes a beating every day because of it. Sun is one of the leading culprits. Too much sun exposure can cause spots, wrinkles and other visible signs of damage. Give your skin a little extra support with regular applications of sunscreen and other protective skin care products. Heavy creams and sport formulas are great for swimming, running or other outdoor activities, while lighter sprays are suitable for everyday wear. Sheer or dry formulas are lighter so you look and feel fresh and clean. If you're getting ready for swimsuit season and want to avoid tan lines, try a self-tanner to help give you natural-looking colour without the sun exposure. 

Skin Care Products for the Squeaky Clean 

Clogged pores may cause pimples, so keeping your skin nice and clean is part of a good skin care routine. Gentle cleansers are great for everyday use, helping to clean your skin without stripping away moisture and healthy oils. If you're in need of a quick wash, single-use face wipes are great for helping to remove dirt, makeup and other materials. St. IvesNiveaBurt's Bees and other popular brands make cleansers in a wide variety of scents to suit your preferences. 

While washcloths and loofahs may give you a little exfoliation, sometimes a more intense scrub can give your skin a fresh look. Natural skin care products contain ingredients such as salt, sugar and coffee to promote exfoliation, and many contain shea butter and botanicals to help soothe and nourish your skin during and after use. Pair a luxurious scrub with an ultra-nourishing hair care mask or oil treatment for a truly spa-like experience. 

Staying Hydrated 

Most people don't drink enough water, but even if you do, exposure to sun and wind can dry out your skin. Regularly using a moisturizing cream or other hydrating skin care products may reduce those effects and help your skin stay soft, smooth and supple. Some creams contain vitamin B3, hyaluronic acid and other nourishing ingredients to help smooth out fine lines, even out your skin tone and help your skin stay nourished and healthy. Night creams offer deep moisturizing while you sleep so your skin looks bright and rejuvenated the next day, while daily wear lotions are generally light enough to wear under makeup or foundations. Look for formulas with sunscreen for a little extra protection. 

If you think your skin needs a little extra care, a face mask can be just right. The potent formulas penetrate deeply into your skin to help clean and nourish it but peel off clean for easy removal. Sheet masks make it even easier since you can avoid the mess of having to spread on a thick cream. Most are ready to remove in about the time it takes to give yourself a nice manicure with your favourite nail care products

Silky Smooth Lips 

The sensitive skin of your lips can easily become dry or chapped, but the right skin care products may help them stay beautifully smooth and soft. Carry a small tube in your purse or pocket for frequent application, or keep a container by your bed for a last-minute infusion of moisture before you go to sleep. 

Keeping your lips soft and healthy doesn't mean you have to sacrifice style. Look for nourishing lip gloss to lock in moisture while giving your lips a little shine, or choose tinted balms with a touch of colour to help your smile stand out from the crowd. These styles are great for those casual days when you don't feel like wearing full lipstick but still want to highlight your natural beauty. 

Walmart Canada has a wide selection of your favourite skin care products and brands to suit every occasion. 




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