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Fragrances for Women and Men

The fragrance you wear is more than just perfume or cologne — it’s part of your style, and it’s something others will vividly remember about you. After all, the sense of smell is powerful. Fragrance can help you relax or energize (like the smell of lavender or grapefruit), it can warn you of impending danger (like the smell of fire and smoke), and it can evoke memories and feelings of nostalgia (like your mother’s perfume or your father’s cologne). Scent can jog your memory, or it can create new associations to people, places, and things. Whether you’re shopping for men’s cologne or women’s perfume, you can find top-rated and bestselling luxury fragrances on, like Marc Jacobs, Lancôme, Burberry, Calvin Klein, Givenchy, Gucci, Armani, and more. You can shop online for a perfume that suits your style — an eau de toilette with subtle, floral scents; a cologne with spicy oriental notes; a body spray with natural, fresh tones; or a perfume with a warm, woody aroma. Whatever your preference, you’ll find big brands and timeless favourites on, all with low prices every day.



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