Jars and lids

Pectin and Accessories

Everything you need for a fresh start to the canning season

Jams or jellies, stews and sauces, pickles, salsas, tomatoes or other vegetables—you’ll safely capture all the flavours of your favourite foods by home canning with Bernardin®. Here’s what you need to start canning:


Gather together the ingredients you need for your recipe. You'll typically need a cooking pot or pan to prepare your recipe, and a canner (large, deep pot fitted with a rack and lid.) Measuring spoons and cups are important as well.

Jars and lids

A variety of jars exists depending on your need. Some are more decorative than others; some have different sized openings to accommodate larger food such as pickles or tomatoes.

The size (mL) of the jar is determined by the yield of your recipe. Whichever jar you use, always ensure you use Bernardin®-brand Snap Lids to ensure a proper (and safe) seal. Our Snap lids are BPA-free, and remember never to reuse your lids.


Pectin is used to help “gel” your final product. Liquid pectin is pre-dissolved for easy preparation. Freezer pectin allows you to simply crush your chosen fruit with sugar and freeze.

Bernardin® also offers “no sugar needed” pectin that allows you to choose the type and level of added sweetener you wish. Don’t deviate from the recipe as pectins are not interchangeable.


Accessories will make canning easier, including funnels to pour your preparation into the jar, and jar lifters to place and remove the jar into the boiling water bath if needed.

Bernardin - Too much to remember?

Too much to remember?

Fortunately, Bernardin® also offers various canning kits. These may include everything you need to get canning, including deep boiling pot, jars, pectin and accessories.

Something fun with Bernardin®!

Something fun with Bernardin®!

A quick Pinterest search for “canning” will yield hundreds of craft ideas for Bernardin® mason jars. It will make it easy for you to get inspired with some creative accessories including different lid types, jar tags and labels.

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