Girls Accessories

The right accessories help bring any look together, from comfortable and ready for school, to fun outfits for weekends and time with friends. Whether your child prefers vibrant patterns and colours, or tried and true classics, Walmart Canada has a little something for everyone.

Shop to find girls accessories in a wide range of styles, colour schemes, and to complement multiple looks. You'll also find items like girl's jackets and sleepwear for everyday wear.

Cold Weather Accessories

Going out in the cold without the right accessories can leave your child with frozen fingers, chilly toes, and a runny nose. With girl's winter gloves in waterproof materials or stylish, lightweight cotton and wool, you can keep those fingers warm and toasty even when there's snow on the ground. Shop for neutral colours for multiple outfits, or look for a few pair in bold colours to make a smart fashion statement.

Girl's hats in knit and cotton varieties also help kids stay warm when it's cold outside. Shop for washable hats for everyday and winter use in colours like black, navy, or tan. Colourful options in stylish colours like mauve, cream, pink, and more are available to help you craft a unique look.

Complete any look with fun girl's purses or backpacks in prints, colourful tones, durable dark colours, or classic neutral options.

Play Jewelry

Diamonds and pearls may not be right for a little girl, but that doesn't mean they can't have some fun playing dress-up, or wear fashionable accessories with friends, family, and parents. With play jewelry, kids can get their favourite look-alike accessories at a fraction of the cost of the real thing.

Fun, cost-effective jewelry for kids also makes great gifts for young friends and family.

Fashion-friendly, high-quality girl's accessories are must-have items for every part of the year. Shop to find winter girl's accessories, as well as spring and summer ready items like girl's active and swimwear, dresses, and more. You'll even find a huge selection of uniforms for back to school or a little holiday break shopping.



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