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Pack It In: The Best Backpacks for Any Activity

Whether you're preparing the kids for a back-to-school adventure, keeping yourself organized during a weekend retreat or making sure your essentials are close at hand during your daily commute, a good backpack can help you get packed up and ready to go. The right backpack can even help you express yourself, whether your tastes run towards the colourful or the classic. From children's school bags to high-tech adult packs, Walmart Canada has bags for every need.

Children's Backpacks

Children's bags come in a variety of sizes, styles and patterns to fit any age. For younger kids, consider a backpack with their favourite cartoon characters, animals or colours. Your little one will feel great about wearing it, and the colourful design helps it stand out from the crowd at school or daycare. For younger kids, most backpacks for school feature a small single compartment for books, clothing and favourite toys, although some may have smaller organizers for pencils and crayons.

As your child grows up, backpack designs change as well. School bags start resembling adult bags, with a large main compartment and several smaller pockets to help your child organize keys, wallets and school supplies. Active teenagers tend to put their bags to the test, so look for rucksacks made of sturdy canvas or heavy nylon for durability.

Travel Bags

Backpacks may not be what most people think of when packing for a trip, but their easy portability and conveniently compact size makes them a great choice for quick weekend getaways or as a carry-on bag for longer holidays. When choosing a travel bag, look for thickly padded straps for comfort during long days at the airport or exploring a new city, as well as plenty of pockets to help you stay organized. Anti-theft bags, which are made from slash-proof fabrics and extra-strong zippers, make a great choice for travelling through unknown areas, especially if you need to carry your passport, cell phone or other essentials with you. Consider a backpack with built-in USB chargers so you can give your phone or GPS unit a quick boost on the go.

Commuter Bags

Gone are the days where everyone carried around a classic briefcase. Instead, modern young professionals are increasingly switching to more comfortable styles, such as rucksacks and messenger bags. These backpacks for adults blend understated, professional style with practicality. Look for ones with padded laptop sleeves to keep your essential electronics safe while you're on the bus or subway. Subtle colour patterns can add a bit of personal flair to your style, or you can keep it simple with a classic black or navy design. For a more upscale look, consider leather or faux-leather construction, or stick with high-tech synthetic fabrics for durability.

Sport Packs

If you're ready to hit the trail, be sure to pick up the right backpack before you go. Hiking daypacks are designed to be lightweight yet spacious. The large interior lets you stow away rain gear, extra water, emergency supplies and other essentials, and smaller external pockets let you keep water bottles and small items close at hand. Military-inspired tactical bags have a similar setup, often with extra internal pockets to keep small gear perfectly organized. The camouflage patterns can also help you blend in while birdwatching, wildlife viewing or hunting.

If you prefer a faster trip, a lightweight hydration pack can be the way to go. These low-profile packs are designed to help cyclists and runners stay hydrated and keep essentials at hand without adding extra bulk. An interior water bladder can even provide hands-free hydration, so you don't have to interrupt your workout to grab a sip. Look for ones with arched designs and mesh backs for better airflow. These packs also generally come in a variety of fun colours so you can coordinate them with your other workout gear, and some even include reflective details to help you stay visible during late night or early morning sessions. Don't plan to fit much in these packs, though. Most only have room for a few protein bars and other lightweight supplies.

From high-tech sports gear to fashion-forward designer bags, Walmart Canada has a backpack for every occasion.




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