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Organize Supplies in School Bags for Kids

Lugging around textbooks, notepads and writing utensils gets difficult if your child doesn't have a bag for them. School bags for kids provide plenty of space for school day essentials, from pens and pencils to art supplies and calculators. A kids backpack even holds shorts and jerseys for after-school soccer practice or snacks for study sessions with friends. Find an assortment of school bags for kids of all ages at, from preschoolers to college students.

Encourage Hands-Free Carrying with School Bags for Kids

Carrying multiple supplies can be tricky, especially for young kids who are still adjusting to the school year or older students with bulky textbooks or notebooks. Many school bags for kids have convenient shoulder straps for hands-free carrying, so students can easily transport their daily essentials. Look for a bag with adjustable straps for a comfortable fit and consider a backpack with a waist strap for young kids who need extra support. Plush padding helps prevent straps from digging into your child's shoulders or back.

Give Backs a Break with Wheeled Bags

Some students prefer to wheel their books around the building instead of carrying them on their back. If you can't find a kids backpack with wheels that suits your child's style, check the luggage department for wheeled bags. Some wheeled backpacks have a single compartment for all of your child's supplies, while others are constructed with multiple zippers and compartments just like classic school bags for kids.

Access Papers and Supplies Easily with Backpacks for Kids

Some kids lose items easily if they don't have a designated spot for them. Field trip forms may come home crumpled up in jacket pockets, and crayons may get shoved in jeans or khakis. You may even find lunch money in your student's socks or shoes. School bags for kids make it simple for kids to find and organize everything they need, from study guides for math class to colored pencils for art. Consider keeping a few empty folders or mini storage compartments in a backpack so your student always has a way to keep belongings from getting lost or damaged.

Maximize Storage Space with Zippers and Pouches

Some school bags for kids have one large compartment, but this can quickly turn into a cluttered mess if you have an unorganized student. Help your child maximize storage space by browsing girls backpacks and boys backpacks with ample room for essentials. Side pouches are great for water bottles or shoes, while zippered compartments offer secure storage for tablets and smartphones. Consider a bag with padded pouches if your child plans to place electronics or other easy-to-break items inside.

Find Styles for Every Student

Like clothing and shoes, a backpack conveys a student's personal style. Younger kids may want backpacks adorned with princesses or superheroes, while older students may prefer simple patterns or solid hues. Some school bags for kids even have shimmering decals, holographic designs or glittery fabric.

Choose a drawstring bag for a student who struggles with zippers or look for a small backpack purse if your student has very few school supplies. Messenger-style bags are ideal for students who like to carry their belongings but dislike traditional shoulder straps.

Browse Additional School Essentials

A backpack holds school supplies, but first you need to buy what your child needs. has school year essentials for every grade and budget, from small packs of crayons to feature-loaded laptops. Shop our selection of writing utensils, notebooks, folders and education-friendly electronic devices so your child is ready for a successful year of learning.

Walmart Canada provides options for every student, whether you need an adult backpack for a long-awaited return to college or a character-covered bag for an elementary school child. Browse our school bags for kids, teens and adults to find backpacks for every learner in your family.




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