Luggage for All Your Adventures

Pack efficiently for around-the-world travel or short local trips with luggage from Walmart Canada. From colourful carry-on bags to suitcase sets that keep you coordinated; these pieces make it easy to organize your on-the-go essentials.

Sturdy Suitcases

Pack efficiently with luggage that provides plenty of room for clothing and accessories. Hard-sided luggage offers durable protection from bumps and drops, so your stuff stays safe from check-in at the airport through baggage claim at your destination. A solid exterior shell made from ABS or polycarbonate keeps breakable items secure, and models with integrated locks help reduce the risk of theft or accidental loss.

Soft-sided travel bags offer extra flexibility when you're trying to fit in a few extra souvenirs or fit your bag into a vehicle trunk. Spinner wheels enhance manoeuvrability, while pop-up handles help you keep a good grip on your bag as you roll it down a sidewalk or boarding platform.

Carry-On Bags

If you're travelling light, carry-on bags keep everything organized without taking up too much space. Sized to fit into an airplane overhead bin, these bags let you keep essential items close at hand and give you the option of avoiding baggage check-in entirely. Compact carry-on luggage is typically made of lightweight materials, so you can easily lift the bag into a high compartment or carry it up stairs.

Luggage Sets

Stay coordinated with luggage sets that feature multiple matching pieces. Most sets come with one or more bags measuring 24 to 36 inches high, which are typically used as checked luggage on flights, along with a carry-on bag for in-plane use. Some sets include a garment bag, which keeps clothing protected and helps reduce wrinkling during transport, or a small personal bag for carrying travel documents, reading materials and electronics.

Kids Travel 

Luggage made for kids combines durable protection and cute designs. Printed surfaces featuring cartoon characters or colourful patterns give kids a sense of ownership over their own bags and help build excitement for your family vacation. Kids luggage is typically sized to encourage younger travellers to roll or carry their own bags. Some travel bags for kids convert into a backpack to make carrying even easier. Ride-on bags are a fun option for toddlers and preschoolers. 


Enjoy flexibility and convenience when you're travelling with a duffel bag. These soft-sided bags offer plenty of pockets for convenient packing, and the non-rigid sides make it easier to pack awkwardly shaped objects that might not fit into a more rigid case. External zippered pockets give you room to store smaller items in easily accessible locations. 

Foldable duffels and weekend bags are easy to store between uses and don't take up much space in your closet. Wheeled duffels with multiple handle options, including shoulder straps and top handles, offer a blend of convenience and manoeuvrability.

Specialty Bags

Enhance your travel experience with specialty bags that let you organize your personal possessions your way. A messenger bag or travel tote keeps must-have gadgets and supplies close at hand. Top-zipper weekender bags let you pack enough clothing and toiletries for a short escape, while durable nylon crossbody bags let you carry personal items while leaving your hands free. Bags made of waterproof materials keep moisture off clothing and travel papers, and travel backpacks offer another lightweight packing option that is easy to carry.

Travel in Style With These Attractive Luggage Options

Whether you travel by car, train or plane, you need one thing to make your trip complete, and that's the right luggage. Whether a bag, suitcase or duffle, a place to securely pack your stuff ensures it arrives at your destination without damage. Walmart Canada has a wide variety of baggage options for your consideration, with something to meet the needs of everyone. From compact bags for the kids to large bags that can fit all of your family’s stuff for a big trip, you can find exactly what you need here to make your adventures truly memorable.

Duffel Bags for Travel of All Types

There’s nothing quite as versatile as a duffel bag. Whether a wheeled duffel that can be your go-to suitcase for airline travel or a smaller duffel that you can sling over your shoulder for sports events, school and overnight trips, this bag is the perfect place to stash your stuff. Large duffels can even work in place of a suitcase for longer trips, and most are sized to fit easily into the overhead bin. Duffels are compact when unpacked, so they are easy to store when not in use. Find a variety of prints, patterns and sizes of duffels available from Walmart Canada.

Hardside Luggage for the Rugged Traveller

While duffels have the benefit of soft sides that easily fold for storage when not in use, hardside suitcases are ideal for the frequent traveller. These suitcases have rigid sides that hold up well over repeated trips through baggage claim. They also come in kid-friendly sizes, so even the roughest youngster can have their own suitcase to take on your next trip. Hardside luggage typically has wheels and handles to make it easier to navigate around the airport, and the handles telescope back into these suitcases when it’s time to put them away.

Whimsical Luggage for Kids With Favourite Characters

If you’re shopping for baggage and gear for your children, make their travels a little more fun with pieces that showcase their favourite characters. From Paw Patrol to Disney Princess and everything in between, kids luggage comes in a variety of characters at Walmart Canada. You can even find options, like Marvel luggage, that are perfect for older children. These pieces are designed for children to move easily and have telescoping handles that adjust with your child's growth. Some are trolley style, with handles and wheels to make it easier for your child to move the suitcase. If your little one has trouble navigating with a suitcase in hand, consider suitcases with spinner wheels. These go any direction, giving your child better control. If they tend to tire easily, consider a ride-on suitcase. These are perfectly sized as carry-ons, and when your child gets tired, they can sit on top while you roll them around the airport. You can choose between hardside and softside luggage options for kids.

Luggage Sets Give You All-in-One Convenience

If you’re planning a big trip or a family vacation, consider the all-in-one convenience of a luggage set. Luggage sets have all the pieces you need in one convenient, matched set. Depending on the size of the set you choose, this may include a garment bag, carry-on, a main suitcase and a smaller suitcase. Many of these sets also stack together, so you can navigate the airport easily.




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