Women's Work Boots & Safety Shoes

Stay Protected at Work With Womens Work Boots

Womens work boots can protect you against a variety of workplace accidents. Steel toe boots can keep your feet shielded from falling debris and items on your worksite, while other types of womens safety shoes are designed to be sturdy and potentially protect against slips and falls. Shop a large selection of womens work boots online or in-store at Walmart Canada. 

Womens Work Boots and Safety Shoes for All Occupations

Women who work in trades, warehouses and other jobs that require physical labour or spending lots of time on their feet are usually required to wear steel toe boots or other specialty shoes and boots. This requirement is intended to protect feet against a variety of common workplace injuries. 

At Walmart Canada, women can choose from a range of womens safety shoes and womens work boots including comfortable work shoes by brands such as Dr. Scholl's that feature gel insoles, breathable mesh and sturdy soles to keep your feet comfortable when you're on them all day. These and other non slip work shoes are suitable for those who work in a variety of busy occupations such as healthcare, retail and hospitality. 

Women who work in construction or another trade usually require steel toe shoes for women that meet specific standards. Brands like Diamondback create womens workboots that meet these standards and go above and beyond by including features such as rubber outsoles for slip resistance and padded tongues and collars to add comfort and support during the work day. 

Work Boots for the Office

Women who don't require the protection of steel toe or non-slip shoes can still find the footwear they need for work at Walmart Canada. Shop from a huge selection of boots that appeal to fashionistas from high end brands such as Michael Michael Kors and Coach, as well as more cost-effective brands such as INC International Concepts

Work Boots for Colder Weather

In many parts of Canada, the weather can be extremely cold during the winter and just as wet during the spring and fall. Women who work outdoors require boots that keep their feet warm and dry while potentially protecting them against workplace injuries. Boots from brands such as Tingley Rubber Corp can do exactly that. The brand's rubber sock boots are tall enough to keep the leg warm and dry up from the knee down, while its cleated outsole offers great traction and may protect against falls. Steel toes may protect the foot from falling tools or debris.

Everything You Need for the Job

For women who work in construction, womens work boots aren't normally enough. Chances are, their employer will require them to  purchase additional personal protective equipment including a hard hat, reflective vest and safety gloves. Depending on the job site, workers may also require safety equipment such as noise reduction earmuffs, respirators or goggles. 

Healthcare workers and those who work outdoors often need special workwear such as scrubs, a lab coat or thermal underwear and tops to combat cold temperatures. Office workers are often required to adhere to a business or business-casual dress code. Regardless of occupation, there's plenty of womens clothing and workwear to choose from that suits any dress code.

Shop womens work boots and other safety equipment online or visit your local Walmart Canada to see what's in store. 



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