Nursing Bras

Nursing Bras Provide Support and Easy Access for Breastfeeding

Nursing bras provide easy access for mothers who are breastfeeding, while maternity bras are meant to provide additional support to mothers who are experiencing breast changes during pregnancy and while nursing. A maternity bra can usually be worn throughout pregnancy and while nursing, as it contains clasps that allow mothers to easily open the front of the bra and provide easy access to the breast for their infant. Shop a large selection of bras for pregnant and nursing mothers at Walmart Canada. 

Added Support for Your Changing Body

When you're pregnant or nursing, you'll likely experience drastic changes in the size and shape of your breasts. As such, you may require extra support that accommodates your changing body. Nursing bras provide this extra support where it's needed most. They can be purchased with or without underwires and in the same shapes and with the same features as regular bras. Active women can even purchase a maternity bra that's designed specifically for running, sports and an active lifestyle

Handsfree Nursing Bra for Mothers Who Pump

Not all mothers breastfeed the same. While some mothers prefer having the baby feed directly from the breast, some many prefer to pump their milk either exclusively or between feedings for future use. Regardless of why or how often you pump, a nursing and pumping bra can help you to pump on the go comfortably and even handsfree. These bras make it easy to attach a single or double electric breast pump and enable mothers to pump handsfree. 

Ease, Comfort and Discretion While Breastfeeding Your Baby 

Whether you're at home or in public, nursing bras can provide comfort and make it easy to place your baby on the breast. They feature clips that can be undone to reveal the breast without removing the entire bra, which allows for both ease and discretion when offering baby access to the nipple during a nursing session. A breastfeeding bra is specifically designed to reduce pressure on the breast tissue, which provides comfort and support in addition to ease of access. 

Companion Accessories for Pregnant and Nursing Mothers

Nursing bras are an important item for many nursing mothers and there are plenty of products that can be used alongside them to create a positive and comfortable pregnancy and nursing experience for both mother and baby. 

During pregnancy, support is key to easing many of the pains and discomforts that are associated with a growing body. Although nursing bras can provide plenty of relief, maternity belts and belly bands, which are available from several brands, including George, can take pressure off of the hips, legs and lower back toward the end of pregnancy and in the weeks and months after while the body is recovering from childbirth. 

Many mothers also prefer to use nursing covers such as a scarf or pashmina while nursing, which can help to block out distractions for the baby while keeping the mother covered. Other maternity clothing such as nursing tanks, tops and dresses can make it even easier to feed baby and pump while nursing pads can help prevent leaks from staining clothing. 

To shop a large selection of maternity and nursing bras, as well as breastfeeding and pumping accessories, visit your nearest Walmart Canada or shop online.




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