Nightgowns & Sleep Shirts

Women's nightgowns offer comfort and elegant style in a simple, cost-effective package. Ideal for pre-bedtime and early morning relaxation, you can find a variety of different options in multiple colours, materials, and cuts, from stylish and sexy, to relaxed and lightweight.

Shop Walmart Canada to find nightgown options that fit your needs without breaking the bank. You'll also find women's sleep shirts, pajama sets, and more.

Choose a Comfortable Nightgown

When shopping for nightgowns for day to day wear, comfort is an important factor to consider. With lightweight, breathable cotton nightgowns, you can add affordable evening and morning wear to your wardrobe. Shop for above the knee, knee-length, or longer nightgowns based on preference, or add one of each to your closet.

Available in multiple vibrant, bold colours, the nightgown you pick can be as much of a fashion statement as anything else you wear. If you prefer a more subdued option, choose a white nightgown or nightgowns in neutral tones that will pair well with any other items you have on.

For chilly mornings and late nights, pair a nightgown with a high-quality bathrobe in terry cloth or form-fitting satin. You can even wear pajama bottoms under cotton nightgowns and other lightweight options for extra warmth. Pajama tops are also available so you can mix and match and create your own style.

Pick a Sexy Nighty

At-home comfort is important when choosing a nightgown for daily use, but sometimes you need something just a little bit spicier for the evening hours. For those special romantic moments, look for a sexy nighty that's soft, luxurious, and makes you feel like a million bucks.

A classic satin nightgown in cream, taupe, or pearl is also an excellent choice for any occasion.

Whether you're looking for comfortable and casual, or sleek and sexy, Walmart Canada has your nightgown needs covered. You'll also find women's sleepwear in a variety of other styles for every day of the week.



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