Scarves & Wraps

Having quality accessories ready to go can help men and women put their best foot forward every single day. In the winter months, scarves are top accessories that give you a polished look while helping you stay warm.

Shop Walmart Canada to find a wide variety of men's scarves and women's scarves in understated traditional patterns and bold, modern styles. You can also browse our selection of umbrellas and gloves, so you're ready for anything mother nature throws at you.

Men's Scarves

A lot of guys are used to having ties around their necks, but those tried and true accessories aren't the only option. If you want to stay warm and create a refined image for yourself, having a few go-to scarves in your closet is a must.

For a basic look, add solid coloured wool or knit scarves in classic colours like navy blue, brown, or black to your wardrobe. If you're not afraid of colour, bright blue, red, and even colours like bright greens and cream are excellent options.

Plaid prints, block prints, and stripes are also wise picks when it comes to scarves for men that can be worn in work and casual settings.

Women's Scarves

Hidden under a coat or worn out over a sweater, scarves are a fashion accessory many women love to show off when the weather allows. For an understated look, shop for thinner scarves designed to keep you warm without added bulk. Solid colours, stripes, block prints, and more help you pick the right scarf for every look.

For extra warmth and trend-right style, women's shawls, blanket scarves, and oversized scarves can be worn with sweaters, dresses, and even over button down shirts and skirts for work. Look for vibrant colours in classic tones like red or emerald that will pair well with multiple outfits.

For spring and summer wear, shop for silk scarves that will add style without making you too warm. A light pashmina also makes a wonderful accessory for fall when the weather can change quickly.

Shop to find men's and women's scarves for everyday style. Stylish accessories like wallets, hats and caps, and sunglasses are available for both men and women as well.




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