Classic Shoes For A Modern World

Since 1917, Converse has been making shoes and many people have a favourite pair of “Chucks” that they wear. Though the company started by making athletic shoes, specifically for basketball, they have been a popular choice for both on and off the court. Nicknamed for the shoe’s creator, Chuck Taylor, Converse shoes haven’t changed much since their original design. Though the “Converse II” was released in 2015 that incorporated a little more arch support and padding, their iconic design has remained very similar.

Through the years, the iconic brand has expanded its line of shoes to include different styles, from high-tops to ankle-high, to One Star, and more, you have lots of variety to choose from and don’t need to be limited to one style only. Like many other brands that are appealing to both young and old, such as Hurley and Nike, Converse can be worn and appreciated by many ages and genders.

Shoes For Sports and For Everyday Life

While some people are partial to a specific style of Converse and stick with the same shoe type throughout the years, others are looking for ways to integrate these shoes into their overall wardrobe. What you need to do is decide what kind of shoe best suits your needs. If you are sporty, the Chuck Taylor All-Stars (either hi-top or low-top) have been used by sports teams for decades, but can be great for athletic types that are looking for a functional, solid sole and an iconic look.

If you are looking for a more subtle look, you might consider choosing the Jack Purcell style shoes which can be a good look for everyday wear and were popularized by the Canadian badminton player, Jack Purcell.

Popular with skateboarders, the One Star line is great for individuals who favour a modern look and shoes that are fitted around the feet. These popular styles aren’t all that the brand has to offer for shoes, but they are a good starting point for any collection. And whether you’re looking for new shoes, or need to update your wardrobe, is there to help you with your clothing and shoe needs.

How To Take Care Of Your Converse Shoes

When you decide on which pair of shoes you want for yourself, the next step is maintaining your purchase. Whether you are using these shoes for everyday walking or for sports, there are a few simple tricks that you can employ to keep your “Chucks” looking their best. While some people may choose to toss their shoes into the washing machine (on a gentle cycle), others prefer to hand wash. Whichever method you choose to clean your shoes, it is best not to put them in the dryer as the heat can damage the rubber.

Most owners recommend wiping down your shoes with a clean cloth and, for extra dirt, you might want to use a gentle soap or laundry detergent as well. Once you wet your cloth and apply the soap, gently trace the cloth around the edge of your shoe, making sure to remove all dust and dirt from the soles and the rubber. In instances where they are very dirty, you can use a toothbrush to help you remove the dirt. If the fabric of your shoe gets dirty, you can also use this method to clean it off, just be sure to use a cleaning solution that won’t bleach the colour out of the fabric.

If you decide to wear your shoes out in the rain, be sure to dry them off thoroughly later, otherwise, they might start to smell. You could also use a foot powder for particularly bad smelling shoes, but regular maintenance and making sure they are dried completely after being worn will go a long way towards keeping them smelling better.

Whether you’re looking for a new pair of “Chucks,” or would prefer other brands to wear, Walmart Canada has a great assortment of shoes for you and your entire family to choose from.



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