Excellent Quality, Top Style Vacuums and More

Dyson is a leading technology company on the market today, creating products that go above and beyond when it comes to home cleanliness. For that reason, even many professionals are using their products on a daily basis to perform big cleanup tasks.

Whether you're cleaning every day or once a week, Walmart Canada has the products you need to keep every space in tip-top shape. We've also got great prices on all of the Dyson machines you want, so you'll never overpay for the best quality vacuum cleaners, air purifiers and more.

Upright Models

The vacuum gets a ton of use in the average house, so why wouldn't you want the best possible model out there? With upright vacuum options, including Dyson products, you get maximum power in an easy-to-use, familiar form. As a big bonus, these machines have canisters that you can easily remove, meaning it's never a struggle to dump out the dirt and get going again.

While standard upright options are ideal for a lot of household tasks, cordless stick vacuum cleaners can handle almost anything you throw at them these days. They're also ideal for tight spaces where cords are just going to get in your way.

Typically lightweight when compared to a standard corded vacuum, they're excellent for large homes where stairs can make cleaning a real chore, too.

Robot and Hand Vacuum Options

Sometimes vacuuming your whole house is just too time-consuming. If you've got a busy schedule - or you just want to take one task off your plate - consider adding a robot to your arsenal. With robot vacuums, you can set it and forget, letting your new piece of technology handle the vacuuming for you.

To tackle tasks that your regular vacuum or robot model can't handle, go for a classic hand vacuum. A handheld Dyson vacuum is perfect for cleaning off that sofa before your guests arrive and handling small messes like spilt dry ingredients in the kitchen.

Air Purifiers and Fans

Breathing clean air is important for the whole family. If you or somebody in your house has allergies, it's even more important that you filter out the impurities from outdoors and your pets. Dyson air purifiers are an excellent way to do that. Their products include innovative, modern technology that purifies the air and does so in a sleek-looking design.

To make the best investment in clean air possible, look for an air purifier with a replaceable HEPA filter. These handle more than 99% of pollutants in your home, giving you peace of mind and the ability to breathe easy.

For even more added comfort, look for a model of air purifier that includes a fan. These will keep you cool while spreading that nice clean air over your whole room. They can even help you cut down your AC bill when it's hot outside if you use your fan regularly.

Shop Walmart Canada to find quality upright, stick, handheld and robot vacuums, as well as the right purifier and fan options for your needs. You can also shop for Dyson Canada products like a hand dryer for your commercial bathroom or office space. As always, with Walmart.ca, you'll find the products you need at affordable prices.




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