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Pump Up the Volume on Personal Sound with a Home Speaker System

A home speaker system lets you DJ your own personal party, whether its a traditional bash with loads of guests or a one-person affair to dance and destress after work. You can also connect a home sound system to entertainment sources such as your television to create theatre-like enjoyment as you binge Netflix or catch the latest movie to hit DVD or Blu-ray. From woofers to bolster the base to shelf speakers to drive sound and music in small spaces, Walmart Canada offers a wide range of home speaker systems to choose from.

Choosing a Home Speaker System for Your Space

Being satisfied with your home sound system requires choosing home speakers and other equipment that support the functionality and aesthetic you want. Some listeners are happy with a single Google Home or other smart speaker, which can answer basic questions, integrate with intelligent lighting and appliances for voice control and play streamed music on command. But others may be more interested in sound quality or want home audio equipment that does a little more to raise the proverbial roof. Consider the following factors when you're building or buying audio systems for your home.

Surround Sound versus Two Channel

When you're setting up speakers in your home, especially in an all-purpose theatre room where you may listen to music or watch programming interchangeably, the first big decision is typically whether you want a surround sound or two-channel setup.

Many home theatre systems involve surround sound by default. They may come with a soundbar, which can be a good option if you don't have much space or a way to mount or position multiple speakers. Many soundbars are equipped to recreate the effect of surround sound without requiring speakers in the back of the room.

Surround sound purists often want the entire set up, which includes at least two front speakers, two back speakers and a woofer. You can build your own system with disparate components or buy one in a box. A box system is often the best choice if you're new to home audio or don't want to spend a lot of time researching or setting it up; these kits usually come with everything you need to install the components, including wires and cables.

Audiophiles often turn to two-channel options over surround sound because their first goal is to play music with as much clarity and accurateness as possible. Pair high-quality stereo equipment with two shelf or floor standing speakers for this purpose.

Voice Assistants

If you're more into streaming music than playing it from sources such as CD or vinyl, you may want a speaker that lets you call upon Google assistant or other voice assistants such as Alexa. You can command these speakers to stream music while you're cooking, bathing or hanging out with friends, and their small footprint makes them ideal for almost any room. Plus, models with smart home integration options let you control elements such as your smart lighting or HVAC system via voice command, so you won't have to get up from bed to turn the lights off or the temperature down.

Wi-Fi Speakers

You'll need to invest in the right speaker cables, which can also enhance the sound quality you experience from your equipment, unless you buy Wi-Fi-enabled speakers. These components are designed to connect to your Wi-Fi network. Smart speakers may not require any stereo equipment, so you can pair them with your network and immediately stream audio content. Others may connect wirelessly to receivers that also work on Wi-Fi or Bluetooth tech. In this case, the receiver streams the content and the wireless speaker plays it, which means you may be able to listen to CDs or vinyl as well as digital content





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