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Home Theater Systems for Every Budget

When it comes to a home theater system, most people want a surround sound system that's easy to set up, includes front and rear speakers and has a subwoofer with a rich bass sound. You'll also need a receiver that can do the job of mixing the audio and sending a clear video signal to the TV. A cutting-edge sound system should also have Bluetooth and Wi-Fi capability, along with plenty of input and output ports. 

Setting your TV up with high-quality surround sound speakers improves the depth and clarity of the audio and mixes the audio output so you hear it from every part of the room, seemingly even from above. With Bluetooth wireless tech, you can also stream music from your phone or MP3 player in exquisite detail.

High-End Home Theater Systems

A home theater system receiver gets signals from all inputs: DVD and Blu ray players, cable, satellite dish and DSL. It amplifies and improves the audio and video signals and sends them to the speakers and TV. A primary quality focus for a high-end system is having a receiver with the ability to send audio in a way that enhances the listening experience. For example, the Onkyo system available at Walmart Canada uses the Dolby Atmos system to create a more accurately focused sound, even bouncing sound off the ceiling with upward-firing speakers. 

Most 4K Blu ray discs are compatible with Dolby Atmos, and it's available on Netflix and VUDU and a few video games. You can start with a top-notch receiver/amplifier and add your own speakers and subwoofer, but it's easier to buy the complete system together. These days, most electronics are plug-and-play, and it can be quite easy to set up an audio system right out of the box. 

Mid-Priced Systems

At Walmart Canada, you can find a perfectly good system that doesn't have all the bells and whistles of a premium setup. Many mid-range home theater audio systems are compatible with either Dolby Atmos or standard speakers. The Monoprice system is one affordable option. It has the upward-firing speakers that add a 3D component to watching TV but at a lower cost than some other systems. 

A few mid-priced choices, like the Impecca, include a built-in DVD/Bluetooth player. With this configuration, you have one less piece of hardware to set up, and the built-in player is specifically designed to work with the surround sound system. Another affordable choice, the Supersonic, has a package with multiple USB inputs, and it includes a karaoke microphone input. Like many home theater systems, it also supports a variety of soundtrack and caption languages. 

Budget and Small Room Systems

When it comes to tight spaces or wallets, you can find a sound system that meets your needs without breaking the budget at Walmart Canada. Look for models that only have two speakers but put out plenty of sound for a bedroom or small apartment. Some have built-in DVD players and inputs for karaoke microphones. Another way to upgrade the sound quality of your TV is to use a sound bar and subwoofer system. Samsung has an amplifier set like this with Dolby digital surround sound, and the Bluetooth capability lets you connect your smartphone and PC to the audio output. 

Whether you're looking for something basic or want all the extras, Walmart Canada has sound systems to meet your needs.




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