Media Streaming Devices & Android TV Boxes


Watch It Your Way With an Android TV Box

With dozens of streaming services to choose from, people are leaving their cable providers behind and watching what they want, when they want. An Android box provides many viewing options. If you want to binge your favourite shows and movies on major platforms, an Android TV box extends the capabilities of your television and turns the living room into a place for sharing.

Stream From Your Favourite Services

Whether you're watching on Netflix, Amazon Prime or Crave, there are apps for all the major players in the Google Play store. An Android TV box functions just like a smartphone or tablet, but it's optimized to work with a remote control and take advantage of your television's larger screen and 4K video. Apps are familiar, easy to install and use, and that unlocks a lot of options. You can even stream content by your favourite YouTube creators from the couch, or watch live TV.

You're not limited to online video services. You can view your media library over Wi-Fi from any device on your home network, even without an internet connection. Streaming boxes support a wide range of video formats, so it's easy to start watching your content without a lot of hassle.

What to Look for in an Android TV Box

If you want to download videos to play offline, you'll need a box with a high storage capacity. An Android box with 16GB of space should be enough, but cheaper models can have limited capacity and are better suited for online streaming. You can extend the storage of most devices with SD cards when you need to.

You might also want to look out for peripherals included with certain models. Most set top boxes come with a remote control, but some have a keyboard, which can extend their functionality. Keyboards for Android TV boxes often come with touchpads for even more flexibility, while others resemble video game controllers, which is handy because you can play games on an Android TV.

The Freedom to Choose

Millions of people use the Android operating system on smart devices all over the world, and the variety of available apps is one of the big reasons. With so many options to choose from, you have a lot of freedom in what you watch, how you watch it and what you want to pay for your content.

Because these are true Android devices, they essentially turn your television into a great big tablet. They're optimized for TV with 4K HDR support and an updated interface, but you're not limited to watching videos. Browse the web, play games, and discover the multitude of ways you can extend the functionality of the box.

With boxes and accessories offered by HyfaiMyGica and QFX, you have a number of great options to choose from.

Stay Connected

An official Android TV makes the living room a true home for sharing. You can check your social profiles, post status updates and keep up with your friends and family from the comfort of your couch. Audio calls through Skype are possible with many boxes, and with an external camera, you can turn your TV into a video phone.

Since you can stream from smartphones and tablets — or any streaming devices connected to your home network — it's easy to share pictures and videos with friends and family on the bigger screen. Beam videos from YouTube and social platforms straight to your TV with the tap of a button.

Automatic updates make sure your device is always secure and up-to-date with the latest compatible version of Android and any apps you have installed. When you buy an Android TV box, you shouldn't have to replace it any time soon.

Upgrade Your Experience

Plugging in an Android TV box is a great, and affordable way, to turn an older television into a multimedia centre with all the features of a smart TV. It works with any television that has an HDMI port, and some boxes come with AV cables for compatibility with older TVs.

Compared to a smart TV, an Android set-top box can offer a richer set of features. You're not limited to the streaming services partnered with the television manufacturer, and with a vast library of Android apps at your disposal, the possibilities are almost endless.




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