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Projecting Your Issues on Some Great Projector Screens

TV is pretty cool, but there's nothing like the massive blast of building your own home projector system, unless it's a rad 4K projector and you have a screen to match it. Even beyond the home, your office could probably use a huge screen and a great sound and graphics system to really drive home those briefings and slideshow presentations. They're also pretty neat when the boss is travelling and the whole office just sits around watching movies in glorious 4K. Walmart Canada has the screens and projection units you need to make all this happen, and you can browse the impressive selection online.

Projectors started out as a way to watch movies and slide shows outside of a theatre. These days, they're a way you can watch awesome movies and slide shows outside of the theater. Setting up a good rig, at home or in the office, can take your audio/visual game to another level entirely, and set you up to either relax like a boss with an action flick, or to impress the boss with the slide show presentation of your dreams. 

Home Theater Projectors

Most homes today have at least one television set, and home theatres operate in a roughly similar way. A true 4K projector in your home can display huge images and video in stunning detail you would have a hard time getting from LED/LCD screens and other stationary sets. To work, the projection unit throws a brightly lit video feed onto a relatively simple white screen and trues up the image to ensure proper alignment and aspect ratio. You can usually feed the audio through the base unit itself, or you can run sound through a powerful home stereo system for maximum volume and clarity.

Portable Projectors

Home entertainment is good, but sometimes you're on the road and need to watch Jean-Claude Van Damme kicking things from inside an RV or at a campground. Failing that, sometimes you might be travelling to make a business presentation that has a video or image component, and you need something portable to put on a good show, after which you can chill out and watch a kickboxing movie in 4K. Either way, a portable projector usually weighs very little and can be adjusted to project images at almost any size, from inside the board room at 40 inches across, to outdoors on the bed sheets at a resolution measured in imperial units.

It can be a challenge to get different technologies to talk to each other when you're on the road. Fortunately, most modern video tech uses pretty standard HDMI cables to connect systems that usually wouldn't work together. Be sure to carry at least one spare cable, in case there are none where you're going. You can also tote around a lightweight projector mount in case you need to make fine adjustments to how and at what angle your images are projected on a fixed screen.

Outdoor Movies and Other Cool Stuff

One of the best things about high-quality modern projectors is their versatility. Set up the barbecue in the backyard, for example, and you have an instant drive-in movie theater with an outdoor projection system. Set up a portable screen, and let the Bluetooth speakers handle the audio. Walmart Canada has several outdoor video projectors, as well as many of the accessories you need to make the most of them, available to browse through online.




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