4K Projectors & Home Theatre Projectors


Get a Cinematic Experience with a Home Theater Projector

Create the ultimate entertainment space with a home theater projector. These systems deliver larger-than-life images with brilliant colour and impressive detail, taking your movie viewing or gaming to another level. Find home projectors that give you a theater-like experience at Walmart Canada.

High Definition Home Theater Projectors

When you're building an immersive viewing experience, a high definition home theater projector delivers impressive picture quality. Many projectors offer full high definition viewing, and some have 4K resolution for even more detailed images. You might also want to consider the contrast ratio when choosing a projector since a higher ratio makes black tones appear deeper and colours look brighter. Whether you're instituting a regular movie night with your family or inviting friends over to watch the championship game, a full HD or 4K projector ensures a great viewing experience for everyone in the room. Projectors with multiple input ports, such as HDMI, USB and VGA connections, let you attach a variety of devices, including your desktop computer, television set and tablet.

Portable Projectors

Portable home theater projectors make it easy to bring a cinematic viewing experience anywhere. Mini projectors are sized for convenient carrying, so you can create an instant cinema in your backyard, at a campsite or at a friend's home. Pocket-size pico projectors are even tinier, so you can toss one into a tote, backpack or travel bag and mount it on a small tripod for convenient viewing. Models with a built-in rechargeable battery ensure reliable operation when there's no available outlet nearby. The light level as measured in lumens may be particularly important if you're planning on using your projector in a variety of light conditions or projecting directly onto a wall. A projector with a higher brightness rating works better in rooms with some ambient light, so look for one providing 3000 lumens or more if you aren't projecting images in a completely dark room.

Wireless Connectivity

Home theater projectors with wireless capability let you stream your favourite shows, movies and games directly from a wireless device instead of requiring a lot of cords and cables. Use Wi-Fi to connect your projector to a smartphone or tablet, and turn on your projector's Bluetooth connection to incorporate a wireless speaker into your system.

Convenient Operation

Projectors designed for home theater use are generally easy to operate. Lenses that shift let you adjust the image to fit your projector screen. A built-in cooling system with large vents across the back helps prevent overheating during use, and a long lamp life provides reliably bright, crisp images over months or years of use. Look for a projector with a remote control to access commands and make adjustments from across the room. 

Home Cinema Accessories

To build a full entertainment system around your home theater projector, you need a few other accessories. While you can project directly onto a wall, a projector screen provides a smooth, even surface that typically provides a better viewing experience. Many home projectors don't have built-in sound, so you may need a connected audio system, such as stereo speakers or a sound bar. Projectors have a variety of connections for your multimedia devices, so you can hook up a Blu Ray player, video game system or DVD player to access your recorded media. Carrying cases simplify travel with your projector.





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