Virtual Reality Headset & VR Goggles


The Ultimate Immersive Gaming Experience

Virtual reality, or VR, is not a new concept. However, it has finally entered a stage that can truly be called immersive. The virtual reality headsets and VR goggles available at Walmart Canada today can draw you completely into your game surroundings like no other gaming system before. Like other wearable tech such as fitness trackers and smartwatches, VR is exploding in popularity.

What is VR?

Virtual reality headsets change the way you game by moving you right into the middle of the action. In virtual reality games, the screen is no longer located in front of you. It is instead wrapped around you, displaying a life-sized environment for you to explore. Head and positional tracking allows you to look up, down, left, and right to discover new areas.

The VR experience is not limited to gaming. You can also use your headset to enjoy non-VR entertainment such as your favourite TV shows and movies in a new way, fully immersing you in the action taking place on screen.

Types of VR Headsets

There are two main types of virtual reality headsets currently available on the market: smartphone-based headsets and PC-based headsets. Understanding the differences between them can help you decide which to get.

Smartphone Virtual Reality Headsets

The more affordable of the two options, these headsets are designed to integrate with smartphones. The headset holds your smartphone in place in front of your eyes and uses advanced optical technology and head tracking to let you look around your environment. Virtual reality games and other VR apps are available through Google Play for Android users and the Apple App Store for iPhone users. Most headsets are compatible with smartphone models of minimum screen size requirements. Samsung virtual reality headsets, however, are designed to work exclusively with Samsung smartphones.

PC Virtual Reality Headsets

PC headsets currently offer the most advanced capabilities. Because they are capable of running off desktop computers or powerful gaming laptops, they deliver better graphics, higher resolutions, and overall deeper experiences. Game titles are typically purchased through an online store such as Steam or the Oculus Store.

Whether you choose a smartphone or a PC headset will likely depend on your gaming preferences and your budget. With so many different options to choose from at Walmart Canada, you're sure to find a headset that offers the type of VR experience you are looking for.




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