Keep Things Charged with the Right Battery Options

It’s Christmas morning. Your children reach for their favourite gift, tear open the packaging and ask for batteries to get it started. You reach for your battery stash, only to find that you don't have the right type. How often does a similar scenario happen at your home? These problems are not limited to gift-giving scenarios. Toady's families rely on and enjoy technology and electronics regularly, and these devices often need batteries to run properly. 

Instead of making an emergency trip to the battery store for a hard-to-find power source, shop ahead with Walmart Canada to ensure you always have the power you need right at hand.

Common Alkaline Batteries Types Keep You Prepared

Having a stash of batteries on hand can eliminate frustration when a favourite toy or electronic item runs out. Alkaline batteries are an affordable option, and Walmart Canada stocks the types you need and want. Choose from high-quality brands like Duracell and Energizer to get trusted power for your electronics whenever it is needed. You will find many common types of batteries, from the AA and AAA used in many toys to the more powerful C and D batteries for flashlights and larger items.

Lithium Ion Batteries for a Longer Charge

Sometimes, alkaline batteries just don’t hold up long enough. When you have an electronic device or a favourite toy that seems to go through batteries way too fast, it may be time to upgrade to lithium ion batteries. Lithium ion batteries are available in almost any battery type you need, including popular AA and AAA options. These can last quite a bit longer than their alkaline counterparts. Save yourself the headache of searching for fresh batteries and choose the longer lasting lithium ion options.

Rechargeable Batteries Help Protect the Environment

When batteries are finished and you toss them in the garbage, they eventually end up back in the environment. For the environmentally-conscious user, rechargeable batteries are a better fit. Find rechargeable batteries, such as those in the NiMH format, which take a fresh charge when exposed to electricity. These batteries can be reused over and over again, simply by placing them in a battery charger to get a fresh charge. Rather than tossing and replacing, you can swap out the batteries for a freshly charged set while the old ones recharge. Most battery types are available as rechargeable options.

Unique Options to Save a Trip to the Battery Store

Visiting the a specialty store is no longer necessary with the wide variety of batteries available from Walmart Canada. Here you will find the standard battery types you need as well as many specialty batteries.

Specialty Batteries carries a wide variety of specialty batteries, including hearing aid batteries, coin-style batteries for remotes or other small electronic devices. Select specialty batteries for wristwatches too, so you can be on time for meetings and events.

Batteries for Your Vehicle

Batteries aren’t just for toys and electronics. Your car or other vehicle also needs a power source to run properly.  Car batteries have the potential to last for years, but when they run out, they must be replaced. Periodically checking the voltage of your car battery during winter months can help you figure out when the battery needs replacing. Find car batteries of all types to fit many vehicles at Walmart Canada.




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