Camera Accessories & Equipment


Camera Accessories to Help You Get the Right Shot

Having the right camera accessories and equipment can make all the difference when you're shooting a big event or trying to capture a magical moment. Camera equipment and accessories include tripods to hold your camera still, batteries to make sure you have the power you need and cases that carry all your gear safely and efficiently. Walmart Canada has what you need to take your photography to the next level.

Tripods and Mounts

Ensure a steady shot with stable tripods that let you focus on what matters. Flexible tripods are ideal when you need to squeeze into an awkward space, and desktop tripods make recording that podcast easy. Wrist straps let you grab handheld shots without wobbling, and phone adapters let you shoot a movie from your smartphone. Pick up a suction cup mount to attach your camera to your dashboard for driving shots, or choose a motorcycle mount when you're shooting an action sequence on two wheels.

Camera Batteries and Chargers

Keep your cameras ready to go at all times with Walmart Canada's selection of camera batteries and chargers. Stock up on standard-size batteries so you never run out, and make sure you have camera-specific batteries in your photography kit. Rechargeable batteries help you save money, and chargers let you power up on the go.

Camera Flashes

Control the light around your shoot with camera flashes and other lighting accessories. High-speed flashes pair with your DSLR camera, and mini and selfie fill flashes help you get the look you want in photos taken with your smartphone. Add pop-up diffusers, folding diffusers and soft screens to create a gentler light for portrait photography, or opt for lens gels to bring a touch of the unexpected to your style. Underwater flash units expand the range of your photographic experience.

Camera Bags and Cases

Protect your camera accessories and equipment with dedicated camera bags and cases designed for convenience and security. Sling bags let you carry a great deal of equipment without straining your shoulders, and camera holsters allow a hands-free experience when in transit. Choose a waterproof, shockproof, anti-theft backpack to feel completely secure with your equipment in public, or opt for a portable electronics bag with all the nooks and crannies you need to carry your many accessories.

Camera Cleaning and Maintenance

A wide array of camera cleaning and maintenance tools are available to protect your camera and lenses against damage caused by dust. Lens jackets provide a secure covering when you're not using different lenses, and cleaning cloths make sure no dust affects your final photographs. Use a camera air blower to keep dust from lodging inside the delicate workings of your camera, or choose a lens pen to brush away dust. Cleaning kits with all the tools you need are also available.

Digital Photo Frames

Show off your photographs with digital photo frames that hold up to 8GB of memory. Whether you're a professional photographer presenting your portfolio in an easy-to-view format or you want to change out family photographs in your home displays, these digital frames let you upload photos via USB, memory cards and Wi-Fi for easy viewing. Create intriguing slide shows accompanied by music, or use touchscreens for easy access to photo displays.

Other Camera Accessories

Fill out your camera kit with camera accessories that make taking photos smarter, more convenient and more enjoyable. Remote controls make it easy to join in the group photo, and portable green screens open the door to creating movie-style special effects. Protect your camera screens with phantom glass shields, and cover your lenses with fitted caps to prevent damage. Portable photo printers and scanners turn any camera into an instant camera that allows you to create and hand out prints on demand.




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