Camera Batteries & USB Camera Chargers


Camera Batteries and Chargers to Keep You Snapping

Make sure you always get the shot you want with camera batteries and chargers that keep your camera running smoothly. Digital cameras drain batteries quickly, so you might need to keep extra batteries on hand if you're planning a long photography session or filming an important event. Whether you're looking for a lithium ion battery for your DSLR camera or searching for a mini USB camera charger that lets you recharge your compact camera anywhere, Walmart Canada's selection of batteries and charging accessories makes it simple to find what you need.

Disposable Alkaline Batteries for Cameras

Compact digital cameras with a point-and-shoot design typically use standard disposable alkaline batteries. carries a variety of battery sizes, including AA, AAA and 9-volt that fit most handheld digital cameras. Disposable batteries are an economical option for casual photography, and it's simple to stock up so you always have extra camera batteries on hand.

Rechargeable Batteries for Photography

If you're shooting photos more than just occasionally, throwing away those AAAs every few days can start to feel wasteful. Opting for rechargeable batteries is a way to make your photography hobby more eco-friendly and more wallet-friendly. Store a set of fully charged spares in your camera bag to swap out in seconds when you're in the field. Many specialty camera bags and backpacks have a spot designed specifically for batteries, usually close to an accessory pocket or micro SD card slot.

Proprietary Camera Batteries

Some camera brands use proprietary lithium ion batteries sized specifically for individual camera or camcorder models, which can make finding replacement batteries a challenge. Fortunately, Walmart Canada carries both name-brand and third-party replacement battery packs to ensure that camera battery loss or damage doesn't leave you unable to capture images and videos. Match the specific size and model number to your existing battery, or check the camera's instruction manual to make sure you get the right one.

Wall Chargers for Cameras

Using rechargeable camera batteries, including rechargeable AAA batteries and rechargeable proprietary battery packs, requires a way to charge them between uses. Wall chargers plug directly into a standard wall outlet so you can easily pop in a battery and recharge. Universal wall chargers fit a variety of battery types, letting you use the same charger to boost all the devices in your house, while proprietary wall chargers are designed for a specific camera brand or even a precise battery model. Some modern charging plates offer faster recharging, so you can walk out the door with a full battery in just an hour.

Charging Cables for Built-In Batteries

Camcorders and miniature digital spy cameras with built-in batteries often recharge via a USB cable. Most of these cables have a mini USB plug on one end to attach to your camera or camcorder and a full-sized USB plug on the other that can slip into your laptop USB port or the USB port on a charging unit. You can also get charging cables with adapters for wall outlets and car 12-volt plugs for more versatility. Keeping extra charging cables and adapters handy lets you charge your video camera at the office, in the car or in any room of your home.




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