Camera Tripods, Mounts & Monopods

Camera Tripods to Help You Set Up the Shot

Whether you're taking carefully staged time-lapse photographs with a DSLR or snapping quick selfies with your cell phone, camera tripods help keep everything steady. From compact, flexible tripods with built-in phone mounts to sturdy professional-quality tripods with DSLR camera mounts, tripods from provide the support you need to take shake-free shots.

Portable Telescoping Tripods

Telescoping tripods give you plenty of control over every photo you take. When it comes on on-site convenience, these lightweight camera tripods fold down for easy carrying, then unfold at your destination to let you capture images from just the right height, so you can get a smooth shot of a flowing stream from a hillside just above the water or a crystal clear panoramic image of sailboats silhouetted by the setting sun. Many extend up to 50, 72 or 75 inches high to give you an expansive view. A built-in mounting system lets you securely attach your DSLR, point-and-shoot camera or camcorder directly to the top, and features such as bubble level indicators and fully adjustable locking legs simplify setup. Some tripods offer multi-angle leg positioning to keep the camera level on uneven terrain. When it comes to composing your picture, ball heads and three-way heads let you tilt and turn the camera on the tripod to set up your shot without having to move the entire tripod. 

Mini Camera Tripods

Sometimes, there's not much room to set up for a photography session, and this is where tabletop tripods come into play. These mini tripods are small enough to pack in a backpack, suitcase or camera bag, making them ideal for travel. You can set up your mini tripod on any flat surface, including a shelf, a restaurant table or the top of your car, and they offer the same shake-reducing benefits of a full tripod without taking up much space. Mini tripods work best for lightweight cameras without heavy camera lenses, so use yours with a light mirrorless camera, point-and-shoot or mobile device.

Cell Phone and Camera Mounts

Capturing blur-free shots with your cell phone can be challenging, but mounts designed specifically for phones let you attach your device to a tripod. Universal smartphone holder mounts clamp onto each side of your phone to hold it in place, and some also include a cold shoe mount to hook on a separate microphone or LED ring light. For action shots and first-person video, mounts that attach to your bicycle handlebars or vehicle dashboard let you operate your camera hands free while you're on the move. Consider getting a quick release plate that hooks to the bottom of your camera for snap-on, snap-off placement on a tripod so you can quickly switch from composed steady shots to handheld action shots.

Quick-Setup Monopods

In some cases, the ability to move quickly into position is more important than steady single-position stability. If you're taking action shots at a sporting event or capturing images of quick-moving wildlife, a monopod gives you the flexibility of changing your angle at a moment's notice while providing extra stability compared to using your hands alone. The single leg of a monopod doesn't keep your camera as still as a tripod does, but a monopod can help keep your arm from getting tired in circumstances where you're holding a camera for hours at a time.

Professional Tripod Kits

Tripod kits come with accessories that let you adapt to different circumstances. Some kits include a remote camera operation system to let you control the shutter release without touching the mounted camera. Kits with a matching tripod, mini tripod and monopod give you plenty of options for increasing stability. Most kits come with a carrying bag that makes it easy to take your tripod with you.



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