Camera Lenses

Canon Lenses Expand the Capabilities of Your Camera

Canon lenses are designed to fit precisely onto the mount of your Canon camera and let you change the focal range or total area of view captured in photographs. Most camera companies use proprietary lens mounting systems, so Nikon lenses or lenses from other companies can't attach to a Canon DSLR camera body or vice versa. Expand the capabilities of your camera with a wide range of lenses from

Telephoto Zoom Lenses

Bring faraway subjects into crystal-clear close-up view with Canon telephoto lenses that magnify objects and people. When you're shooting fast-moving wildlife or capturing the action at a sporting event, the ability to adjust focus quickly is essential. Telephoto lenses offer a range of focus options, such as 70 to 200mm, so you can shift focus as your subject moves. Close focusing ability lets you fill your frame with images just a short distance away, so you can also use these lenses for portraits, garden pictures and social media flat lays. Look for a lens with image stabilization built in to reduce unwanted shake that could blur your photos, or use a tripod to keep your camera stable while you shoot fast-moving subjects.

Standard Telephoto Lenses

Some telephoto lenses bring faraway objects closer visually but don't offer the capability of changing the focus. Standard telephoto lenses for Canon cameras put a sharp focus on the subject at the centre of the frame and tend to soften or blur out everything around the subject, making them the preferred lens of portrait photographers. Pairing a standard telephoto lens with a light box or diffused camera flash creates an image with a soft glow and distinct focus.

Wide Angle Canon Lenses

Wide angle lenses for your Canon camera give you a more expansive view of a large area, making them indispensable for landscape and cityscape photography. If you're trying to capture an entire range of mountains or get a complete image of a city skyline, wide angle lenses make those shots possible.

Macro Lenses

Macro Canon lenses bring close-up tiny objects into precise focus, making them the go-to choice for detailed flower photography, insect images and detailed pictures of intricate natural patterns, such as snake scales, bird feathers and wood grains. Macro lenses with higher focal lengths let you step away from a subject and focus in to get details without alerting the subject to your presence, so you can snap a picture of your sleeping cat's whiskers without waking her or capture a butterfly sipping nectar from a flower.

Canon Lens Adapters, Filters and Accessories

With a Canon camera, you aren't limited to just what your specific proprietary lenses can do. There are plenty of camera accessories that help you adapt and maintain your lenses. While lenses from other companies, such as Nikon lenses, don't work on your Canon camera body as-is, lens adapters make it possible to use them. Generic DSLR lenses with a Canon-compatible mount provide even more options. If you want to alter the look of your photographs, reduce glare or create special effects, lens filters screw on to the front of your Canon lenses to tint, polarize or otherwise alter the light coming into your camera. Don't forget about lens cleaning and maintenance, either. Lens cleaning cloths and air blowers help keep dust and dirt off your lenses, while snap-on lens caps protect the lens during storage and transport.



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